Community Involvement

Find out how other businesses and homeowners have benefited from working with us!


As a family-owned business, we know that the companies we work with are made of hard-working, loving and caring people.

You, our favorite customers, give a lot to our community, every day.

None of what we do would be possible without you, so this is why every month we direct part of our revenue back into helping our community build a brighter future.

We’ve worked with Providence Network on their newest house
— The Silver Lining House on Broadway.

The Providence Network offers the chance for hearts on the edge to find rest. They do this through transitional housing opportunities for families and individuals.

Their newest house — The Silver Lining House on Broadway — is an effort to get Denver’s 1000 homeless teens safe and on their feet. This new home is being refurbished to house a dozen teens at a time so they can begin a new life.

We’re counting on you to help Providence Network get it ready for these kids.

See Providence Network in action!

We’ve helped HomeAid by partnering up with The Lion Project, reach out to families in need in the Denver area.

Together, we’ve been able to further the great cause and job being done, on a daily basis, by the people at Colorado Homeless Families in Arvada.

Since 1987 they help local working families, who are homeless or at imminent risk of being homeless, by providing them not only with a safe place to live, but with a series of self-sufficiency oriented services including counseling, educational and support groups, classes, and community service.

Take a look!

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