Case Study: Concrete Grinding and Leveling at an Office Building in Boulder, CO

Colorado Concrete Repair was contacted by the property manager at an office building in Boulder, CO. This office building had concrete flooring that had developed huge cracks as the cement had settled. You can see the extent of some of these cracks and the uneven ground in the photos below: The floor itself had completely shifted, leading to potentially dangerous tripping hazards and an office floor that was not professional enough for anyone to work. They contacted Colorado Concrete Repair because they felt that we offered them the best combination of services and pricing. In order to fix this type of flooring, we would have to: Patch up the damaged floor. Fill the cracks. Level out all the humps in the concrete. Using state of the art equipment, we were able to do just that. Our customers, who had recently purchased the property, were able to replace the cracked flooring with a perfectly flat, smooth floor that would last them for decades.


Commercial Flooring in Parker, CO with Colorado Concrete Repair

The Best Concrete Flooring, Epoxy Flooring, and Maintenance Services for Commercial Properties in Parker, Colorado Commercial properties in Parker, CO rely on very specific types of flooring – flooring that needs to keep up with the frequent wear and tear that comes with ongoing use. Auto garages need to be able to withstand the weight of the vehicles and the oil spills. Warehouses need to withstand immense pressure from inventory, forklifts, trucks, and more. Every business needs flooring that is built for their specific – and often extensive – use. Laminate and wood are not going to cut it. What your property most often needs is concrete flooring, epoxy coatings, polished concrete, and flooring that is capable of lasting for decades at a time. At Colorado Concrete Repair, we provide commercial flooring in Parker, CO and the surrounding region. Based in Denver, we have provided the floors that you see in commercial properties throughout the entire region, and would love an opportunity to provide you with an estimate. Use our Request a Quote form to get started. Our Commercial Flooring […]


Advantages of Polished Concrete Flooring in Commercial Properties

In the past years, polished concrete flooring has become one of the most used flooring materials. Property owners across industries and property types have chosen it for it the multiple advantages it offers. These advantages make polished concrete flooring adaptable to many commercial properties. If you are considering concrete flooring for your warehouse, garage, manufacturing plant, or other facility, these are the benefits you can expect as well as the features that you might have to plan around. What Makes Polished Concrete the Best Option for Denver Commercial Properties? Commercial flooring can represent a significant investment in your property. The initial materials and installation cost is one factor. You will also need to consider ongoing costs of your floor in terms of maintenance and expected repairs. This cost should balance out with the features the floor offer, of which polished concrete offers many: Cost-Effective – Concrete is readily available and extremely affordable. With polishing as well, it is more affordable than alternatives like tile, terrazzo, and stone. Long Lifespan – A concrete surface can last many decades. The polished surface […]


Polish Levels to Customize Your Polished Concrete Floor

A polished concrete floor is a beautiful, cost effective, and resilient floor. It has the hardness and strength of concrete, but with improved durability since the polishing process makes it nonporous. Polished concrete is also extremely attractive with a smooth surface and various levels of gloss. The sheen of a polished concrete floor is one of the options you are able to customize, as well as the aggregate exposure. These features are responsible for the final appearance of a polished concrete floor. As you are planning for a new flooring installation, you can consider the options available. Polished Concrete Gloss Levels and Aggregate Exposure Classes Polishing concrete requires grinding the surface with fine grit diamond sanding pads. The grit on pads can range from below 100 to over 800, with grits between 400 and 800 being the most common for polished concrete floors. The polishing process grinds away a small amount of the surface. This creates a shine and removes the top layer of the concrete. Based on the fineness of the grit, the amount of concrete removed, and the […]


Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Flooring System for Your Garage

The floor is one of the most important components at a commercial garage or dealer service center. Depending on the services your garage offers, a floor can see extensive traffic every day from vehicles and the equipment you use, can require extensive maintenance, and could be susceptible to unattractive and expensive damage if the wrong material is in use. Selecting the right floor begins with understanding the requirements your garage has and what type of wear your floor may see on a daily basis. This can help you choose a resinous commercial flooring system that will offer a cost effective installation with significant benefits. How to Choose the Right Resinous Flooring for an Auto Garage A resinous coating is essential for commercial garages as a means to protect concrete floors. Concrete is a durable, strong, and affordable material. But because it is porous, concrete can be damaged with relative ease by a chemical spill or an object dropped on the concrete surface. Regular use will also start to wear away at a concrete surface. An epoxy coating offers and extremely […]


How Epoxy Flooring Stands Up to Common Challenges in Commercial Auto Garages

Commercial auto garages in Denver – and the flooring in garages in particular – undergo a lot of wear and tear. Epoxy flooring and resinous coatings for commercial garage floors are leading options to stand up to the vehicles, equipment, chemicals, and daily wear that occurs on your floor. Epoxy flooring for commercial garages in Denver will stand up to many of the common challenges that occur that might damage other flooring materials. Choosing the Best Flooring Material for Your Commercial Garage Epoxy flooring goes over a concrete slab. The contractor installs an epoxy floor in a continuous pour, creating a smooth and seamless surface. Epoxy can be customized with color, textures, anti-slip features, and additives that can fine tune the performance of your flooring. With these customizations and the strong basic performance of epoxy coatings, flooring in an auto garage has the following characteristics: Chemical Resistance – Epoxy will resist industrial solvents and cleaners, gasoline, oil, and other automotive fluids. Spills should be cleaned quickly, but floors will otherwise remain in good condition regardless of the chemical materials in […]