Concrete Flooring


COLORADO CONCRETE REPAIR ENJOYS WORKING WITH CLIENTS IN THE DENVER METRO AREA, AND RECENTLY WE WERE ABLE TO WORK WITH LITTLETON CONCRETE FLOORING AT REINKE BROTHERS, A DOWNTOWN LITTLETON HALLOWEEN AND COSTUME SUPERSTORE! Littleton concrete flooring is fun to work with because you can do several different finishes to the old concrete to fit with your desired overall look. Reinke Brothers wanted a different kind of floor, so they removed the tile and then asked us to stain the concrete because their concrete had tile lines. We were delighted to help them out! This week we wrapped up our stained concrete flooring project at their Halloween and costume superstore and are looking forward to seeing their store after the redevelopment. Reinke Brothers chose a orange-tinted stained concrete floor to accentuate the amazing costumes and props they showcase daily, as well as be a good canvas for their artist to paint a big hole, so it gives the illusion you are stepping into a hole. If you haven’t checked out their store, we’d highly recommend it! One of the Reinke brothers, Rick, collects really cool […]

Stamped Concrete


SEALING STAMPED CONCRETE – YOUR STAMPED CONCRETE RESEAL EXPERTS Colorado Concrete Repair specializes in sealing stamped concrete. Just as a car needs maintenance, like oil changes, so does your stamped concrete need sealing. That’s where we come in! When you call us, we will set you up with an appointment to seal or reseal your stamped concrete. This same process can also be applied to any concrete slab you want to maintain. WHY IS SEALING STAMPED CONCRETE IMPORTANT? Sealing stamped concrete is important because it provides protection from wear and tear of the weather elements, mobile and foot traction, and general exposure to water and moisture. We used our favorite, a acrylic sealer on a recent residential stamped concrete sealing project in the Denver metro area. The home owner was concerned that her beautiful concrete was going to deteriorate because it was outdoors; she could even already see some crumbling here and there and wanted to get it sealed right away. She came to us for help and we were able to wash the area and then apply our penetrating sealer on […]

About Tracy


We are excited to welcome Tracy Ferguson to Colorado Concrete Repair! Our vision at Colorado Concrete Repair is to be the best decorative concrete flooring specialists in Colorado, exemplifying trustworthiness, consistency and dedication to details. To help us achieve such a grand vision, Tracy Ferguson, wife of owner Nick Ferguson, joined our team Fall 2015. She is settling into her new role, attending trainings, like the Polished Concrete Troubleshooting Training at Prosoco in Lawrence, Kansas, and most recently attending the Arizona Polymer Flooring Training at Jon-Don in Denver, Colorado. Tracy is diving into all aspects of the business and is especially excited to help people and businesses beautify their concrete and to help streamline business processes. She has been supporting Nick with his business endeavors since they first started dating in 2009 and is glad to finally team up with him and the crew. Tracy’s background is in Journalism and call center management. Tracy attended University of Kansas and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. She then moved to Denver, Colorado, shortly after to pursue a career with […]

Polished Concrete


POLISHED CONCRETE SLIDESHOW Colorado Concrete Repair is your expert when it comes to polishing concrete floors. Moving into a new building with concrete floors? Are you interested in a low maintenance floor that will last over time? Do you have a potential showroom that needs a neutral floor that will make your products shine? Colorado Concrete Repair is your polished concrete contractor! Enjoy this slideshow that showcases some of our latest projects: a recreation center in Parker, Tesla, and Boulder Nissan.   Polished concrete is a good option for indoor warehouses, showrooms, auto shops, and even in condominiums and homes if there are already concrete floors to polish. Call Colorado Concrete Repair today at 720-258-6571 to discuss your project needs and ideas. We’ll come up with a solution that will fit your polished concrete flooring needs. Polished concrete floors are being sought after more and more by big businesses and even architects for its sleek and stylish look. Not only do they look good, they weather well and are easy to clean. Polished concrete improves with age and is a […]

Pool Deck Repair


LOOKING FOR POOL DECK REPAIRS? LOOK NO FURTHER. Colorado Concrete Repair specializes in pool deck repairs and pool deck systems for commercial use or residential use. Are you ready for a pool deck system that will really spruce up your summertime lounge and play area? Colorado Concrete Repair has a pool deck system that will stun each person who visits your pool this summer. Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings will fix your pool deck using pool deck coatings to make your pool concrete come alive. Do you want that beautiful pool deck? Contact Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings for an estimate today. There’s no time but today to take your ordinary or ugly pool concrete and make it into a stunning summer environment. We can cater to your needs: slip-resistant, epoxy pool deck, sealed pool deck. You name it! We are here to listen and cater to your needs.  Check out a pool deck we transformed from ugly and cracked concrete to beautiful slip-resistant, water-proof, and easy-to-clean pool deck, just in time for summer! Beautiful pool deck transformed by Colorado Concrete […]

Concrete Repair


CONCRETE MAINTENANCE…IS IT ON YOUR MIND? Colorado Concrete Repair specializes in repairing concrete in the Denver metro area. We have years of experience repairing cracking and spalling concrete, as well as repairing concrete joints and deteriorating concrete. Many of our clients’ facilities run forklifts and need more than just repairs; they require ultra smooth concrete floors that will allow them to run their forklifts without damaging the electronics or jostle sensitive loads. Your concrete can deteriorate over time and it is important to maintain it, but sometimes you need to replace the concrete instead of repair it. Call us today to talk with about your concrete repair needs at 720-258-6571. Colorado Concrete Repair helps fix ugly concrete: Crack repairs Joint repairs Concrete patching Concrete grinding Concrete coatings CRACK REPAIRS It is important to properly repair concrete cracks, as they have a tendency to spread if not taken care of. This is similar to how a crack in windshield can turn into a bigger problem if left untreated on your car. Concrete cracking is common because of the shifting of the […]