Leveling and Flooring for a Private Residence

Colorado Concrete Repair works primarily with commercial properties. But, when needed, we also take on some work with private homes – especially those that need concrete leveling.

One of the challenges happening across Denver is that many properties are being rushed during their build. This can mean that the concrete doesn’t have time to fully cure and cause high spots. These high spots need to be flattened for properties that are going to want to eventually have other types of flooring, as any tiles placed on top of it will be more likely to bend or break.

That’s where we come in.

Now, there are some situations where we need to use professional concrete leveling to get the floors just right. But sometimes, what we can use is grinding. Hand grinding can remove many of the high spots, helping level the flooring without leaning on extra concrete. We hand grind, measure with a leveler, and then clean up afterward so that the owner has a foundation for whatever type of flooring they want.