Residential and Commercial Floor Leveling from a Professional Concrete Company

There are situations where you may find yourself wanting to change your space. Often times, this requires new flooring and cabinetry that relies on having a very level floor. But most properties do not have level flooring. Settling and improper installation (both of which are common for most properties) causes the ground to be uneven, and uneven ground means problems with any new flooring and installations that may not look as sharp and attractive as they are supposed to be.

Often, the contractor you have in charge of renewing your property is the one that is also in charge of leveling. But this can be a mistake. Concrete may be one of the most durable materials we have, but it has to be installed correctly. That is why so many people contact us at Colorado Concrete Repair for professional leveling services.

What This Looks Like

Below are some photos of what poor leveling can look like.

And here is what it looks like after we’ve flattened out the high spots. We find what areas need flattening out, and we set up our work stations and use real, industrial level concrete to flatten the gih areas and provide a surface that will lay a foundation for a great new floor:


This is not self-leveler, which has a tendency to chip, break, or install improperly. This is high quality concrete that is carefully leveled so that your floor lasts longer and your property looks better.

We encourage you to learn more about our leveling services in the Denver metro area by contacting our team, today.