We started Colorado Concrete Repair to help people and businesses enjoy and
take advantage of everything their floors mean to them for years to come.


You’ve just filed in your last month’s expenses, on paper everything looks great.

Excited, you drop some of that exquisitely warm coffee on the floor. “Wait a second, what’s that horrible looking crack? Is that mold in the corner?” You frantically explore every inch of your floor and notice that more and more of it is peeling and chipping off. Only thinking of the amount of work, the mess and the downtime required to fix everything, gives you the chills and a serious headache.

If you’re in a similar situation, don’t worry, it’s normal to get a little anxious when it comes to the floors you walk on every day. Who wouldn’t want their new, easy to clean, safe and awesome looking floors to last them a lifetime?

Whether it’s the safety and low maintenance at your workplace, the shiny and unique look in your home. We believe that there’s no “impossible” in the concrete finishing business.

We only design flooring solutions that we know will save you frustrations, pointless expenses, and a lot of mess.

How do we know that?

We listen to your needs. We meet with you so everything is crystal clear and we simply have to get to work to deliver you your dream floor.

Nick Ferguson has led the growth of our company from concrete repairing to concrete finishing, year after year since 2009, carrying out successful industrial and residential projects for the Denver metro and Rocky Mountain areas.

We’ve tackled projects ranging from oily concrete floors at large manufacturing facilities and sizable auto shops, to high-traffic bridges and pool decks. You’ve got a question? We’ve got an answer.

Here are some of the services we can deliver for you

  • Our Solutions

    • Polishing
    • Staining
    • Coatings
    • Floor Repairs
    • Floor Sealing
    • Joints

  • Our Experience

    • Commercial and Industrial
    • Shops and Garage Floors
    • Warehouse and Big Box
    • Barns and Agricultural Floors
    • Aircraft Hangars and Storage Facilities
    • Kennels and Vet Clinics
    • Other Residential

  • Meet Our Team

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