How to Repair Improperly Installed Epoxy Coating

When an epoxy coating has been applied incorrectly, resolving the outstanding issues and getting your flooring fixed can often seem with a massive undertaking. You’re dealing potential bumps, lumps and bubbling all over your floor, as well as possible tacky or sticky patches and more chipping or peeling, all while still trying to run your business. You may have to clear the floor, and cease production to get this problem fixed, costing important time and money for your business.

It is very difficult to fix epoxy flooring yourself. Instead, it is best to reach out to your original contractor, or have Colorado Concrete Repair come and provide the necessary repairs.

How Do We Fix Epoxy Flooring?

With so much having already gone wrong to get to this point, going back and redoing the entire installation, while not always cost-effective, may feel like the only choice. Repairing the epoxy coating may be possible, depending on the problems with installation.

  • Fix a Crack – It is possible to fix small cracks using epoxy solution at the right quantity. This is most likely going to be a 2:1 ratio of resin and hardener, but the commercial epoxy flooring contractor will need to determine the correect amount for the flooring and the region. For cracks specifically, the best practice is to open up the cracked area and then fill in the surface before leveling it out properly and evenly.
  • Repair a Bubble – Bubbles can often occur in an epoxy coating due to a naturally occurring process called outgassing, in which gas is allowed to seep out of the epoxy due to heat or cavities in the flooring finish. To repair small bubbles, your best solution is to grind the service down with an epoxy-specific spiked roller, before opening up the surface and adding the same epoxy solution used in the crack fix mentioned above.
  • Remove Peeling – After a fair amount of time, it should be expected that your epoxy coating will begin to peel naturally. If this is happening soon after its installation, however, this may be due to an improper installation and you should reach out to the original contractor. If you want to make your flooring look brand new, your best case is to scrape off the peeling coating with a scraper roughly 3 inches, or a rotary scrubber. If this is proving difficult you can utilize a high-strength paint stripper, but this technique will require far more caution as the acidic nature of two industrial scrubbings afterward before the floor can be recoated with the 2:1 epoxy solution.
  • Correct Discoloration – Over time your epoxy flooring is going to experience a degree of discoloration. Any long-term exposure to UV rays will affect the color of your floor’s original installation. If the discoloration is happened quickly after the original installation though, there are several techniques we can use to fix discoloration, should you want to do it yourself. If you’re trying to darken patches lightened by UV rays, a water-based stain is a great. Don’t forget to let your stain sealer dry for at least 4 hours.

There are several different ways your epoxy coating can be damaged, but before any repairs are attempted, we suggest that you reach out to the original contractor. It is important understand what was included with the initial epoxy warranty, as many repairs for the above issues may be covered in the original contract.

You Can Fix Your Epoxy Coating, But Reach Out to Your Contractor First

When dealing with an improper installed epoxy coating, repairs are possible with the right expertise. At Colorado Concrete Repair, we have solutions that fit your needs if you find that your original epoxy coating was not properly installed. Contact us today to learn more.