Best Commercial Flooring Options for High Traffic Areas

At a busy commercial property, you might have hundreds or even thousands of feet walking across an area on any given day. Naturally, this puts a lot of stress on your floor and will start to cause both visible and physical wear over time.

Certain flooring materials are better at withstanding the heavy wear and tear, degrading more slowly. These durable flooring options are some of the best to consider for a high traffic floor finish or even your entire property as they offer attractive and cost effective solutions as well.

High Traffic Floor Finish for Properties in Denver

Foot traffic and vehicle traffic can cause wear to your floors in a number of different ways. The weight is somewhat of a stressor, as are scratches and scuffs. Shoes can also track in dirt and grind it into a floor’s surface, which will eventually corrode it. While it is impossible to avoid these effects with any floor, there are a variety high traffic floor finishes that are more resilient to heavy foot traffic:

  • Sealed Concrete – Concrete is already an extremely durable material. Sealing it offers another layer of durability. Sealed concrete floors are hard and with a surface that is also stain and scratch resistant. These floors will last for many decades when installed correctly, generally only needing resealing every few years depending on the level of traffic.
  • Polished Concrete – Polished concrete floors also rely on the natural durability and longevity of concrete, but achieve an attractive and more resilient surface by polishing the top layer of concrete using fine grit diamond sandpaper. This creates a high gloss surface that is non porous, making it more resistant to corrosion from foot traffic.
  • Epoxy Coating – An epoxy coated floor uses a concrete floor as a base with a resinous layer poured over the top. This can be one of the best options for a durable floor as the multiple layers increase resilience to traffic. Additionally, epoxy is non porous and easy to clean to help you further reduce the amount of wear it can show. Epoxy also has a wide range of design options for the ultimate customization.

Using durable high traffic floor finish around your commercial facility can offer a range of benefits. With greater durability, you can go longer between replacing floors saving, on costs. In terms of appearance, these floors will also stay attractive and professional looking for longer. This is an important feature in a high traffic area where you will have many eyes on your floor.

Colorado Concrete Repair offers commercial flooring installation with all of these options and more in Denver, Commerce City, Lakewood, and all the surrounding area. We can discuss options for enhancing the durability of certain areas of your property or providing the complete transformation with new commercial flooring throughout your facility that will stand up to whatever traffic your business has. Begin the process with a call to our team for a free quote.