How Commercial Flooring Supports Breweries in Denver, CO

Denver and Colorado’s Front Range is an unrivaled hot spot for beer. From the historic breweries and taprooms to the newly opened, there is extensive competition. The best loved breweries in Denver need flooring that works well in their brewing and production spaces and in their taprooms, which is why more and more spaces are opting for concrete brewery flooring.

Commercial concrete flooring for breweries provides the necessary functionality to stand up to brewing and a beautiful look that will give your customers a welcoming place to taste your brews. Concrete floors offer several advantages for brewing operations and still provide affordable pricing.

Why Concrete Floors are a Cost Effective Choice for Colorado Breweries

Many of the breweries in Denver have several different needs in the same facility. A brewing area needs a floor that can withstand spills, heavy equipment, and high temperatures. Storage areas may see forklift or dolly traffic. A bar and seating area should look attractive and stand up to traffic. If you have kitchen areas or other spaces, additional specialized flooring may be necessary.

As flooring for your brewing operations area, concrete floors are:

  • Durable – Concrete is made to last for years, and different installation techniques, additives, and finishing styles can extend that lifetime further in a brewing environment. The right commercial floor can support your brewing operations in Denver for many years to come.
  • Chemically and Temperature Resistant – Brewing can involve different ingredients, chemicals, and temperature extremes. Concrete stands up well to all of these conditions so that you can manage your brewing operations efficiently without any worries about flooring deterioration.
  • Anti-Slip – There are several non-slip coatings available for concrete floors. Even with moisture on the floor, the chance of slipping is minimal and your employees (and customers in the taproom if you use a similar solution) will avoid injury.
  • Anti-Bacterial – Options like polished concrete and resinous coatings leave a non-porous surface without seams. This leaves no spaces for bacteria or dirt to get trapped and makes cleaning simple for limited health and safety risks.
  • Smooth Surface – When finished professionally or with coatings like epoxy or polyurethane, a concrete floor is extremely smooth. This limits tripping risk and also makes it easy for equipment like forklifts or dollies to move over the surface without the chance of damage to equipment or product.

Concrete floors are also highly versatile. When you expand them into your serving area, they also offer aesthetic and functional benefits such as:

  • Versatile and Attractive – A concrete floor is a beautiful option. Polished concrete or epoxy are bright and offer different textures and color options. This enables you to customize concrete to match your brewery aesthetic and branding while still creating a welcoming and professional looking space.
  • Easy to Clean – A non-porous surface that is also chemically resistant means cleaning a concrete floor is simple. It is already stain resistant in case of any spills, and your team can easily sweep and mop as necessary to keep the floor looking great.
  • Sustainable – Concrete is an eco-friendly material and emits no harmful VOCs or other chemicals. This makes it a good choice for breweries in Denver focused on sustainable operations.

Depending on your needs, a single concrete flooring style can serve as your Denver commercial flooring throughout your brewery. Or you can differentiate areas with custom concrete flooring types, finishes, and colors to stand up and look great in every part of your facility.

Colorado Concrete Repair is the leading commercial flooring contractor in Denver and throughout Colorado. As a local company, we have provided flooring for several local breweries, taprooms, beer warehouses, and other brewing operations. We are able to optimize the innate benefits of concrete flooring to different brewery environments to install the floor that will look best and last, always at the most affordable price. Learn more about the flooring options we have for breweries and get an estimate on your project today.