How Epoxy Floors Can Increase Productivity in Offices

There are several flooring options available for office spaces in Denver, Aurora, Centennial, and the surrounding areas. A concrete floor with an epoxy coating offers a unique combination of professional appearance, unbeatable functionality, and affordability.

Epoxy flooring for Denver offices can also improve the productivity of those working in offices in your building. The built in features of this commercial flooring as well as customization options provide a range of benefits for an office space.

Advantages of Epoxy Coatings for Office Flooring

Property owners choose epoxy flooring for many reasons. It is extremely long lasting without requiring frequent upkeep, has an affordable installation process, and adds value to a property. These benefits work across facilities.

Yet in terms of office space, an epoxy coating offers specific advantages that include:

  • Increased Ambient Lighting – Epoxy creates a highly reflective surface. Depending on your chosen gloss level, epoxy flooring can increase the reflectivity up to 300% over other flooring types. This creates a brighter workspace that will make staff more alert and awake while at work.
  • Professional Look – An epoxy floor looks sleek and professional. You can further customize it with your brand coloring or logo. This makes it possible to create a range of environments, including anything from fun and creative to highly professional to help keep employees in the right mindset during work hours.
  • Decreased Allergen Levels – Carpet, tile, and other floors can trap dust among the fibers and all the pores. This can include molds, pollen, and other allergens that make employees sick and are a significant threat to productivity. With epoxy, the smooth, non-porous surface can be easily wiped clean each day to remove any allergens that may collect in an office space.
  • Quiet and Echo-Free – Epoxy flooring can absorb sound better than tile, concrete, and certain hardwoods. This means a quieter workplace with less ambient noise to distract staff or bother visitors.
  • Low Maintenance – Epoxy flooring requires only daily sweeping and occasional mopping in an office space to keep it in good shape. For this reason, you do not need to plan for extensive shutdowns or interruptions to work in order to take care of maintenance needs.

These features make epoxy floors a great option for new construction, as well as a way to upgrade and transform existing floors. Colorado Concrete Repair can install new concrete commercial floors and apply epoxy and other resinous coatings. We have a wide array of options that makes it possible for us to customize flooring solutions for all of the different office spaces in the Denver area.

We also provide competitive pricing and fast installation that works around operations scheduling so that we can install new commercial floors without interrupting operations. Start planning your flooring project today with Colorado Concrete Repair.