Signs Your Concrete Surface Needs Leveling

Shifting ground, erosion, or even a mistake made during installation causes concrete surfaces to shift over time. These shifting surfaces can lead to a number of issues with concrete that can be both dangerous and aesthetically unpleasing, such as cracks and uneven surfaces that are tripping hazards. The damage that results from unlevel concrete can also speed up additional deterioration on a concrete floor, driveway, or sidewalk.

Cement Floor leveling is the process used to smooth out uneven surfaces. It is an important procedure to complete when you have noticed damage to your concrete, but also if you are preparing to install new flooring over the existing foundation. Here are some of the signs that your property requires concrete leveling.

When to Schedule Cement Floor Leveling in Colorado

The purpose of cement floor leveling is to fix uneven surfaces. Many of the damages that occur to the concrete are actually caused by an uneven surface, meaning that there are often visible signs to indicate that you need cement floor leveling. These signs include:

  • Cracks in Concrete – Cracks develop when the foundation on one side shifts higher than the other, causing stress on the concrete slab until it breaks. Because cracks leave an opening for water, the damage will often continue to get worse, so it should generally be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Sagging Floors – If you notice with a visual inspection or by walking over your floor that it dips at certain areas, this is a sign that the foundation underneath may have shifted.
  • Separation – Wherever your concrete floor attaches to a wall or another vertical structure, it can start to pull away when the concrete needs to be leveled. This leaves a gap between the concrete that debris and water can get into.
  • Cracks in Walls – As concrete shifts, it can cause the surrounding walls to shift as well. With enough stress on the walls, they will start to form cracks.
  • Pooling Water – For concrete outdoors, water from irrigation or rain will start to collect in uneven areas instead of running off.
  • Doors Get Stuck – Doors that swing outwards over your concrete surface can start to drag along the ground when the concrete beneath them shifts.

When you notice any of these signs with an existing concrete surface or you are preparing to install a new floor, concrete leveling is an important step. It needs to be done by a professional since it involves a range of advanced equipment and experience.

Colorado Concrete Repair has the skills and expertise to level concrete floors and keep them from warping and cracking. Contact our team at Colorado Concrete Repair to learn more about our concrete leveling and flattening services.