Concrete Leveling Services for Prepping Vinyl Tile

Over the past few years, vinyl tile has become an especially popular flooring material. It is extremely durable, scratch resistant, almost entirely waterproof, easy to clean, affordable – all while coming in shapes and styles that are typically difficult with other types of flooring.

But vinyl tile has a few challenges, and one of the most common is that its longevity is often almost entirely based on the subfloor. Vinyl tile is thin, and if the subfloor is not perfectly level, there are risks that the connection between flooring will start to snap and disconnect under the pressure. Once vinyl flooring starts to disconnect in one area, it typically spreads to others until the flooring needs to be replaced.

Typical Approach to Flattening a Subfloor

Most homes, especially older homes, have subfloors that are not entirely level for a variety of reasons, including the settling of the foundation and the quality of the initial build. That means that if you want your new vinyl tile to last, you’ll need to make sure that you level your subfloor first.

Now, there are traditionally 2 ways to level a subfloor:

  • DIY – You can always buy leveler at the store, mix it with water yourself, and pour it over areas of flooring that are not level. Self-leveler, which is what most DIYers use, does a decent job of leveling some minor areas.
  • Have Your Flooring Contractor Do It – Many contractors can also level a subfloor. Most of them do just what you would do as a DIYer. They go to Home Depot, buy the self-leveler, mix it, and pour it down on problem areas. The difference is that the amount of water can matter a lot, and some contractors have more experience with the material.

The problem is that flooring tends to be more complex than that. It’s not typically just a few small areas, nor can self-leveler alone create a smooth surface across the entirety of your subfloor. DIY self-leveler can buy you some time with your vinyl tile, but it is likely to still have problems:

Alternative: Professional Concrete Leveling in Denver with Colorado Concrete Repair

Colorado Concrete Repair of Denver offers a different approach to addressing your subfloor needs. Because we are experts specifically in concrete and concrete repair, the approach we take is thorough, professional, and specialized. It’s not just pouring self-leveler. We work with some commercial properties where the margin for error is critical to the safety and security of those on the property.

Through our concrete leveling services, we can guarantee that your floor will be near-perfectly level, with at most 3/16th and inch difference over a space of 10 feet. That is far more level than any self-leveler can provide. We also have tools, technology, and experience that makes it easier for us to lay concrete faster and more efficiently, helping you save both time and money.

The process we use is also very different than self-levelers, as we provide a true concrete pour that we flatten out ourselves. We also have grinders that we use to make sure that the concrete is perfectly even. Colorado Concrete Repair takes less time and provides flatter, more even concrete that is able to last for decades, and will make vinyl tile repair much easier.

Contact us today to get a better understanding of how our concrete leveling works, or to obtain a quote for our vinyl tile repair services.