Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Commercial Facilities

The floor at your commercial property undergoes excessive wear. Whether you simply have people consistently walking over it or use heavier machinery like forklifts, your floor can take a lot of damage that will begin to show over time.

An epoxy warehouse floor uses a coating of epoxy over the existing concrete floor to create a more durable surface that will have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance over time. But there are additional benefits besides the strength of epoxy flooring.

Why Install Epoxy at Your Denver Business?

More and more commercial and industrial facilities in Denver, Lakewood, and the surrounding area are turning to epoxy coatings to protect and maintain their concrete floors. In comparison to unsealed concrete, epoxy has the advantages of being:

  • Attractive and Customizable – Depending on the look you want, an epoxy coating can provide color, visual texturing, and a beautiful gloss for your warehouse floor. At its most basic, epoxy will cover small imperfections in concrete and create a professional uniform look across the entire surface.
  • Easy Maintenance – Epoxy is resistant to stains from oil and many chemicals. It will also not collect bacteria since it is non-porous. You can clean epoxy flooring simply by mopping away any dust or debris that collects on your floor.
  • More Productive – The smooth, flat surface of an epoxy floor is easy for people to move around on without tiring and allows machinery like forklifts to travel at high speeds without the risk of damage. High gloss epoxy flooring can also increase the brightness in your facility by up to 200% to help keep employees more energized.
  • Safer – Epoxy coatings on floors are anti-slip, fire resistant, and chemical resistant. They also trap any dangerous concrete dust that can get into the air in facilities with an unsealed concrete floor as the concrete starts to wear.

With all of these advantages, installing an epoxy floor coating at your business is a cost effective business solution. At Colorado Concrete Repair, our epoxy floor installations are initially affordable and the long lifespan of your floor, low maintenance, and increased productivity will continue to yield financial benefits to your business for years to come. Contact us to discuss options for epoxy coatings at your Denver business.