How Long Does Commercial Epoxy Flooring Last?

When your business invests in any new capital, you want to be sure that you are making a cost effective choice. Repairs, replacements, malfunctions, and other problems will mean additional costs, lost time, and an earlier need for replacement.

The longevity of commercial epoxy and the durability of epoxy is what makes concrete flooring with an epoxy coating one of the most attractive options for many businesses. Concrete will naturally last many decades on its own, and an epoxy coating can help extend this lifespan in certain situations where concrete may not stand up on its own.

Epoxy easily resists scratching, stains, and other forms of damage to give businesses a flooring installation that will last for many years.

Depending on the flooring type and specific coatings, the lifespan for epoxy floors is often specified as a couple of decades. While this is a good estimate, the actual lifespan of your floors will depend on many different factors. Here are some of the specifics regarding how long you can expect epoxy floors at your business to last.

Increasing the Lifespan of Commercial Epoxy Floors at Properties

The longevity of commercial epoxy flooring largely depends on the quality of installation, the specifications of the epoxy in relation to a property’s needs, and the maintenance process throughout the lifetime of your floor. Extending the number of years flooring will last involves:

  • Condition of Concrete Slab – The condition of this concrete slab will impact the epoxy layer as well. A slab that is unlevel or cracking will quickly result in epoxy flooring that has those same defects. For this reason, it is important to work with an experienced flooring contractor who will be able to ensure the quality of your concrete as well as the epoxy flooring over it.
  • Prepping the Surface – In addition to the structural integrity of your concrete slab, the slab must be clean and properly prepared. Dirt and oils will affect how well the epoxy adheres to the floor, as will surface texture. For the best results, an installer will clean the slab base and often hone it to prepare for epoxy application.
  • Traffic – A busy warehouse with constant foot and machinery traffic will experience significantly more wear on floor than a property with only occasional foot traffic, although you can account for this during the installation process with solutions that make floors last longer in high traffic areas.
  • Chemical Exposure – Epoxy is a great solution where chemicals are present since it stands up to many different substances. However, carbon monoxide, citric acid, vinegar, and a small number of chemicals can be damaging the floor, which is why you want to work with your contractor prior to installation to get the right resinous flooring based on any potential chemical spills that may occur on your property.
  • UV Exposure – Certain versions of epoxy will yellow over time when exposed to sunlight. For this reason, most dependable contractors will not use these types of epoxies, but existing floors exposed to sunlight may deal with this challenge.
  • Width of Epoxy Coating – A contractor can apply epoxy coatings in a range of different thicknesses. A thicker coat will naturally stand up better to traffic and other types of wear, giving you a longer lifespan. Considering how thick the coat needs to be is an important part of the initial installation process.
  • Floor Maintenance – Epoxy needs only limited maintenance throughout its life. Daily sweeping and mopping are enough to remove debris that might scratch the floor or cause it to look dirty. Other than that, you should wipe off water or other spills as quickly as possible to avoid staining from long term contact.
  • Reapplication of Epoxy – Depending on your flooring solution, your flooring contractor may recommend occasional reapplication. This makes it possible to refresh your floors from scratches or other aesthetic problems and improve their durability, letting you get the most out of a single epoxy flooring installation without needing to reinstall the entire floor.

When commercial epoxy flooring durability in challenging environments is your priority, there are also many different design choices you can make to achieve a floor with the longest possible lifespan.

Colorado Concrete Repair is an experienced epoxy flooring contractor in Denver who understands how to translate your business’s performance needs into specific flooring options. We start by learning what your business requires from a floor, and then build the floor around those specifications. With different formulations and applications, we can design a floor that offers chemical resistance, traffic requirements, extra anti-slip capabilities, or branding colors, while always focusing on a long lasting epoxy flooring solution at the best possible cost.

As expert concrete flooring installers in Denver, we also have a refined process of prepping and installing epoxy floors that will contribute to a lifespan that is as long as possible for your epoxy floor. Contact our team to learn more about the benefits of epoxy and the specific life expectancy of concrete flooring at your property.