Commercial Flooring Specialists in Arvada, CO

A Strong Foundation to Build Your Business On

Colorado Concrete Repair has offered the leading concrete installation, repair, and coating services in Arvada for more than 10 years. We combine our high quality work with a commitment to integrity in every job we do. We are focused on completing concrete work at your business in a way that respects your time as well as your budget through planning and a commitment to top service. Our clients rely on us for concrete flooring in Arvada, Colorado that is done on time and meets all of your property’s needs for durability, appearance, and function. We give you a firm foundation on which to build your business.

Our Services On Commercial Flooring in Arvada, CO

Colorado Concrete Repair specializes in commercial flooring for properties in Arvada. We work with warehouses, manufacturing plants, automotive businesses, food processing facilities, and more to create beautiful flooring solutions. Our range of services includes options for concrete flooring installation, epoxy coatings, warehouse line striping, and concrete repair. With an expert team, we are able to help you determine which of the many options will best meet your needs.

  • Epoxy Coatings – Epoxy is a non-porous concrete sealant that adds beautiful shine, stain resistance, and an added layer of durability to your concrete floors. Epoxy floors are a top option for many properties in Arvada, including warehouses, processing plants, garages, and more.
  • Epoxy Repair – For epoxy floors that your previous contractor did not properly install or floors that have started to bubble, our epoxy repair services can make sure that your floors look the way you initially planned and  will last for years.
  • Epoxy Injection – An epoxy injection is one of the most cost effective ways to repair cracked concrete and strengthen the floor. This gives you continued use of the floor and manages any larger structural issues that cracks may cause.
  • Concrete Repair – Over time and with ongoing use, concrete can become pitted, cracked, or can start to crumble. We have various concrete repair services such as coatings, joint repair, and patching that can bring your concrete back to its former appearance.
  • Concrete Grinding – Grinding down concrete can remove surface imperfections and help prepare concrete surfaces for additional work or leave you with a smooth and attractive concrete floor.
  • Concrete Sealing – We can seal concrete with epoxy or other high quality sealants to improve the look of your floors and make them more durable.
  • Concrete Resurfacing – Resurfacing concrete can change the outward appearance of a concrete floor or refresh an aging floor.
  • Polished Concrete – Polished concrete provides a smooth and durable floor with options for a soft matte, high gloss finish, and any level of sheen. Combine a polished concrete floor with staining for a beautiful and long lasting flooring solution.
  • Stained Concrete – Concrete staining can bring an attractive color to your concrete, whether you want to give your flooring a more professional appearance or reflect your company brand.
  • Warehouse Line Striping – Epoxy, acrylic, or polyurethane line striping provides attractive and highly visible lines for navigation and safety at your property. Our line striping services can create perfect lines for your warehouse.
  • Commercial and Industrial Flooring – Our flooring options for commercial and industrial facilities provide durable and professional concrete floors with options such as slip resistance, chemical resistance, and easy maintenance to increase your business output.
  • Pool Deck Coating – Our pool deck coatings can create a luxurious space that is also slip resistant, UV resistant, waterproof, and long lasting.

Our wide range of concrete installation and repair options provide flooring options for every type of business in Arvada. Whether you need a floor to stand up to heavy machinery traffic in your warehouse, guarantee easy cleaning in food production environments, stand up to chemical spills at your auto garage, or simply wow clients with a beautiful look at your business, we have all the concrete flooring solutions you need and the team that can help you make sure you are getting the most out of your high performance commercial flooring in Arvada, CO.