Advantages of Polished Concrete Flooring in Commercial Properties

In the past years, polished concrete flooring has become one of the most used flooring materials. Property owners across industries and property types have chosen it for it the multiple advantages it offers. These advantages make polished concrete flooring adaptable to many commercial properties.

If you are considering concrete flooring for your warehouse, garage, manufacturing plant, or other facility, these are the benefits you can expect as well as the features that you might have to plan around.

What Makes Polished Concrete the Best Option for Denver Commercial Properties?

Commercial flooring can represent a significant investment in your property. The initial materials and installation cost is one factor. You will also need to consider ongoing costs of your floor in terms of maintenance and expected repairs. This cost should balance out with the features the floor offer, of which polished concrete offers many:

  • Cost-Effective – Concrete is readily available and extremely affordable. With polishing as well, it is more affordable than alternatives like tile, terrazzo, and stone.
  • Long Lifespan – A concrete surface can last many decades. The polished surface will last for years as well if you are careful to avoid any etching materials and fulfill the minor maintenance requirements.
  • Resistant to Damage – Concrete is hard and can stand up to weight. By polishing, the small holes in concrete are smoothed out to increase the durability. This enables polished concrete to handle daily vehicle traffic, including heavy equipment like forklifts, and accidents like dropped tools.
  • Easy to Maintain – Because it is nonporous, dirt and germs stay on the surface. To maintain a polished concrete floor, dust mopping and the occasional wet mopping will keep the surface clean. You will also want to wipe up spills when they happen. After several years, additional polishing may be necessary depending on your gloss level and daily wear.
  • Eco-Friendly – Polishing concrete is a mechanical process. It does not require hazardous coatings and maintenance does not require harsh chemicals. Concrete is also a sustainable material and many buildings with polished concrete floors in Denver are LEED certified.
  • Versatile Appearance – With polished concrete, you can choose the gloss level, aggregate exposure, staining, and other visual features to match your branding and facility interior.

Depending on the condition of existing concrete, you may be able to save additional money by using the slab already in place. This is an optimal way to restore a floor that is showing signs of wear as polishing can remove many surface imperfections. Even if you need to lay a new concrete slab as part of your flooring project, the costs remain low in comparison to other flooring materials.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Polished Concrete?

The benefits of concrete, and the beauty and durability added during the polishing process, mean that polished concrete is suitable for many commercial facilities. There are a few factors to be aware of with polished concrete so that you can plan the installation process correctly and get the best floor for your property.

The first of these factors is that it is a hard surface. This is one of the benefits of concrete as it contributes to its resilience, but it means that anything dropped on the concrete floor could sustain damage itself while the floor is fine. It can also make standing on polished concrete for a long period of time stressful on the body.

At properties where there is a need for a softer floor that still has the durability of concrete, many facilities will lay down rubber pads in the areas that need cushioning, such as in gym weight rooms.

Care should also be used with any heavy cleaning materials or other chemicals around polished concrete, which could be etched by exposure to the chemicals. If your facility frequently handles caustic chemicals, an epoxy coating over a concrete substrate can offer a similarly durable floor and high gloss finish, but with added chemical resistance.

Get a Quote for Polished Concrete Flooring in Denver

You have multiple commercial flooring options for facilities in Denver, yet it is polished concrete that offers the best solution for most properties in the area. The professional and high end look at a low cost and the ability to provide a low maintenance floor for many years makes polished concrete one of our most popular services at Colorado Concrete Repair.

Our team installs polished concrete flooring at commercial properties in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, and beyond. Our expert work means that you get all of the standard benefits of polished concrete flooring, along with recommendations from our team during the installation process and fast, precise work that always adheres to the planned timeline. Reach out to Colorado Concrete Repair for a quote.