Often our clients ask us if or when they need to apply floor finish. Our viewpoint on when to apply floor finish might be different from some in our industry, but it is this way for a reason. The main goal of floor finish or wax, is to prolong the life of the sealed concrete. That is why many people in the industry call it a “sacrificial wear surface.” This sacrificial wear surface is beneficial in many ways, however, once you apply it, you must reapply as your regular maintenance routine. Therefore, in most cases, we recommend our clients wait until they absolutely must apply it instead of immediately after the flooring is sealed. We do this personally at home and will recommend this to most clients.


Floor finish is a synthetic liquid or natural wax that is applied to the floor and dries smooth, leaving a durable and smooth film. This film acts as a protective surface from wear and makes the floor look nice. It also is a shock absorber to scuffs, scratches, and grime. Here are some benefits:

  • Slip-resistant
  • Adds brilliant shine
  • Protects the original floor from scuff marks and high traffic wear and tear
  • Promotes a clean environment

When we install your concrete floor system, we will put you in touch with Jon-Don, a janitorial service company that will help you properly maintain your concrete floor investment. Often, this will include applying a finish as your regular maintenance, especially if you are a large business, like retail or a manufacturing facility. Floor finish is usually used to maintain epoxy floors and some lightly sealed concrete, like stained concrete. However, it is not needed to maintain polished concrete floors, as the polishing process makes it so the concrete repels stains and spills, if they are wiped up right away. Talk to your floor-care professional about specific plans regarding how to extend the life of your concrete floor using floor wax!


To review, here at Colorado Concrete Repair, we want to leave you not only with a beautiful floor for today, but also a floor care plan that will help you extend the life of your new investment. Often, a concrete floor maintenance program will require a regular application of floor finish; that way, wear and tear goes through the floor finish instead of the sealer. This makes it easy to rebuff when needed instead of replacing the sealer. We will generally recommend waiting if one can before applying floor finish, only because after you apply it, you will need to reapply often to maintain the shine and overall appearance. However, if you want to protect the sealer, floor finish is a great option because it’s easier to remove and recoat when needed. It is tough, resists detergents, and has great buffability. So, if you’re up for this floor plan regimen and you have high traffic areas, then talk to your janitorial partner to see if this option is best for you.


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