Attractive and Functional Concrete Flooring Options

A concrete floor at your Denver car showroom, garage, warehouse, or retail property can be visually appealing while also increasing the safety and efficiency of your workplace. This is possible with the various design options for concrete floors.

Far from the matte gray of plain concrete, concrete finishing options can bring personalization to your commercial flooring, reflecting your brand, quality of service, and providing a range of special features.

5 Commercial Concrete Flooring Options

Your choice in concrete finishing options depends both on the final look you want to achieve and any additional functionality. The options include:

  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing – Polished concrete is an attractive option that is increasingly popular with warehouses, food processing facilities, high end garages, schools, offices, and more. The contractor achieves the look by using a concrete grinder and diamond grit to remove the top layers of a concrete surface, increasing the fineness of the grit until the desired level of sheen is reached. Polished concrete is smooth, low maintenance, and more resistant to damage.
  • Stained Concrete – Applying a colored stain directly to concrete will introduce color to your flooring. Stains can also hide damage in existing concrete. The stain penetrates the concrete for fade and is UV resistant for coloring that will not fade with regular foot traffic. For stained concrete in Denver, you can use a single color across the entire floor or incorporate designs, branding, and logos by combining different colors.
  • Epoxy Coatings – An epoxy is a sealant that goes over the concrete floor. In terms of appearance, it provides a high gloss finish to concrete with additional options for colors and aggregate mixed in. For functionality, epoxy floors will extend the lifespan of your concrete, are easy to clean and maintain, offer chemical resistance, and improve the efficiency of machinery like forklifts.
  • Traction Coatings – Mixing in grit to concrete coatings creates a rough surface that provides anti-slip capabilities. This works well for facilities that are susceptible to spills and moisture on floors, although the aggregate can also offer color and texture options as well for a customized appearance.
  • Stamped Concrete – Stamped concrete adds texture to a concrete surface, often imitating flagstone, slate, brick, title, and wood, but at a more affordable cost and with less ongoing maintenance. Stamped concrete is best suited to more decorative flooring such as those at retail, offices, lobbies and entryways.

You can also combine many of these options at your commercial property. For instance, you can apply concrete staining to a polished concrete floor to provide both color and a professional glossy appearance. You can use a traction coating and two-tone flooring to improve safety with slip-resistant and directional flooring.

All of these options are available for new installations or on existing concrete floors. At Colorado Concrete Repair, we can level concrete, grind concrete, and make any other necessary repairs to create the perfect foundation before we apply finishing. We can also provide new commercial flooring installation.

You can learn more about the various solutions for concrete flooring we offer in Denver. Contact us to share more about your project and goals, and we can provide a quote for concrete finishing at your commercial property.