Why Choose Epoxy Flooring for a Colorado Senior Living Facility

The number of facilities to house senior populations in Denver, Broomfield, and other locations in the Front Range is on the rise. Senior living facilities are a great way to provide a comfortable living situation with easy access to medical care and entertainment.

With many facilities serving as self-contained housing for their residents, fulfilling these different purposes requires the right for flooring. Senior living facility epoxy flooring is a leading solution to meet your requirements for maintenance, professionalism, and – perhaps most importantly – safety, especially in an environment where mobility can be an issue.

Senior Living Facility Epoxy Flooring

An epoxy coating offers a range of benefits that are well suited to senior care facilities. The various benefits of epoxy flooring that enable it to best meet the needs of senior housing include:

  • Easy Mobility – Epoxy has a completely smooth, non-porous surface. This makes it easy for wheeled equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, and medical equipment to roll smoothly over your flooring.
  • Chemical and Fire Resistance – If there are any medication spills or a fire breaks out in your property, epoxy flooring will suffer limited damage and maintain its functionality.
  • Naturally Hygienic – Because epoxy does not have pores and is resistant to damage, there are not going to be any places for bacteria to become trapped.
  • Easy Cleaning – Already a relatively clean material, epoxy is also easy to clean and maintain with basic sanitation routines and will stand up to nearly every commercial cleaner to keep your facility up to standard.
  • Long Lasting – Epoxy increases the durability of naturally strong concrete for a flooring solution that will last for many years, eliminating the need for you to interrupt your operations and residents with frequent renovations.

Another benefit to concrete and epoxy flooring is the appearance of an epoxy coating. They look smooth, clean, and professional, which is ideal for a senior living facility. But you also have customization options to make an attractive and welcoming place where seniors and their families want to be. For example, an epoxy floor with a high gloss finish can bring brightness into your facility. Color can create a more cheerful environment that helps boost the mood of your residents.

If you want to take advantage of all these great benefits and transform your assisted living facility into a top facility in Colorado, you will also need a reliable and experienced company to perform the installation. Colorado Concrete Repair is the leading concrete contractor in Denver with a specialty in epoxy flooring. We work with your facility to determine the best flooring solutions to help you promote safety, appearance, and hygiene at your property. Get started with an initial consultation with our team.