Concrete Floors are the Most Hygienic Choice for Your Warehouse

The floor of your warehouse or processing facility in Colorado needs to be many things – resistant to damage, long lasting, and easy for people and machinery to navigate. But if you are processing or storing any type of food in your facility or you simply want the indoor air quality to be healthier, you also need a floor that can contribute to a hygienic environment.

Concrete warehouse floors, specifically polished concrete or epoxy coatings, offer the most hygienic flooring option for warehouses in Denver with natural qualities that repel dirt and bacteria while promoting easy cleaning.

Why is Concrete a Cleaner Flooring Choice?

The process of polishing concrete uses increasingly fine sanding to smooth out the natural ridges and pores in concrete, leaving the surface completely smooth and solid. Epoxy floors at warehouses achieve a similar effect by using a layer of epoxy to seal concrete floors and make them impenetrable.

Another feature of concrete warehouse floors is that concrete allows for larger continuous surfaces, rather than individual sections that have gaps between them, such as tile or vinyl might.

These features lead to all of the following benefits when it comes to keeping your food storage or processing plant clean:

  • Less Trapped Dirt and Bacteria – Because there are no pores or cracks within well-maintained concrete floors, there are no places for dust and germs to become trapped. This results in less of that dust entering the air to limit allergy symptoms for workers, keep machinery cleaner, and reduce the chance that bacteria will contaminate your final product.
  • Reduced Mold – Without pores, mold also has no place to grow on your floors, even if other conditions are right. Concrete warehouse floors will naturally reduce the serious health conditions caused by growing mold.
  • Less Damage from Spills – For facilities not involved in food production, you may still work with a range of chemicals and toxic materials. With an epoxy coating on a warehouse floor, which is resistant to most chemicals, toxins will not sink into the surface of the floor. Once you clean after a spill, there is no chance of ongoing exposure to the toxin.
  • Easy Sanitization – Your maintenance team can clean a concrete floor with brooms, mops, and other standard methods. For a complete sanitization, the process is as simple as applying a sanitizing solution and then cleaning as normal.

The natural cleanliness and easy maintenance of epoxy warehouse floors or polished concrete makes this flooring type a leading choice for any businesses in Denver who need to meet health standards or are looking for more ways to promote employee and customer wellbeing.

With warehouse floor installation in Denver, Littleton, Aurora, and Commerce City from Colorado Concrete Repair, your polished concrete or epoxy flooring will be beautiful, highly professional, and long lasting, in addition to being hygienic. We use the latest techniques, years of experience, and the latest technology to install warehouse floors. Learn more about these and other benefits of concrete floors for your commercial property by contacting our team.