Benefits to Concrete Leveling Over Concrete Replacement

When concrete at your facility becomes unlevel – causing doors to get stuck when you open them, laminate and LVP floors to start warping, or bumps and cracks to develop – this does not automatically mean that you will need to replace your concrete floors, sidewalks, driveways, patios, or other surfaces.

Concrete leveling can often provide a long term fix instead. In many cases, concrete leveling can have your surface looking like new without needing to replace the entire slab. When you are debating between replacement and concrete leveling after concrete damage at your commercial property, these benefits can help you determine whether repair or leveling is the best choice.

When to Choose Concrete Leveling Instead of Replacement

Unlevel concrete can be the result of a number of causes. It may have occurred as the result of a faulty installation, wear and tear, or shifting ground due to environmental factors. As the concrete shifts, the stress can cause both visual and physical damage that needs to be repaired. Concrete leveling offers several benefits when compared with concrete replacement including:

  • Lower Costs – Removing and replacing an existing concrete slab requires time, labor, and machinery to demolish the slab, restabilize the foundation, and install the new slab. If the concrete itself is in good condition, concrete leveling can work beneath the slab to stabilize the foundation, removing the need for additional steps.
  • Faster Project Time – Because there are fewer steps, we can almost always complete concrete leveling more quickly than slab replacement at your business. This means less shutdown time if an area needs to be cordoned off and fewer safety risks while a concrete slab is missing.
  • Near Original Appearance – As long as your concrete leveling is being done by a professional using proven technology and methods, the resulting concrete after leveling should be nearly identical to surrounding, undamaged concrete, and signs of repairs will be almost invisible. Replacement will often not match as seamlessly unless you replace or stain the entire floor.

These benefits to concrete leveling depend on having the right company to manage the process. In Denver and the surrounding cities, Colorado Concrete Repair offers the most advanced concrete leveling services. Using durable concrete and a range of different techniques from hand leveling to grinding, all based on the specific conditions of your property, our team is able to provide the best concrete repair in Colorado, as well the comprehensive concrete services to handle all of your interior and exterior projects. Contact us today to learn more about our concrete leveling services.