The Schwans Company reached out to Colorado Concrete Repair to address the quickly deteriorating concrete in the warehouse freezer room. We stepped inside the -17-degree room to survey the broken up concrete. We saw two large patches about an inch deep with large aggregate exposed deteriorated from chipping at ice and forklift traffic. The area was now uneven to drive on and this can damage the circuitry in the forklifts.

The Schwans company also received a bid to replace the concrete. They chose to have us repair the concrete after seeing our quick turnaround time and a price tag less than 1/2 that of replacement. If you are in need of concrete repair Denver Co, contact us today!

Business in the warehouse went on as usual, as we worked in a specified area, utilizing dust control, allowing little dust to affect other areas. These kind of temperatures are difficult to work in, and even tougher to get proper bonding of repair materials in.  However, we have learned techniques from training and past experience in freezer rooms to ensure a successful bond ready for forklift traffic.

First, we profiled and keyed in the repair areas to increase mechanical bonding. We then heated small areas up, primed the areas, and patched them with Flexkrete.  We warmed the patches up to speed the set time and thin the material. The patches were overfilled so that we could ground them down perfectly smooth. Even though we worked in negative temperatures, the patch material still worked well. We were able to come through for the Schwans Company by fixing their concrete in a matter of only 3 days.

Area repaired with Flexkrete

Surface temperature reading during repair in freezer room
If you are in need of concrete repair Denver Co, contact Colorado Concrete Repair!