Colorado Concrete Repair specializes in repairing concrete in the Denver metro area. We have years of experience repairing cracking and spalling concrete, as well as repairing concrete joints and deteriorating concrete. Many of our clients’ facilities run forklifts and need more than just repairs; they require ultra smooth concrete floors that will allow them to run their forklifts without damaging the electronics or jostle sensitive loads.

Your concrete can deteriorate over time and it is important to maintain it, but sometimes you need to replace the concrete instead of repair it. Call us today to talk with about your concrete repair needs at 720-258-6571.

Colorado Concrete Repair helps fix ugly concrete:

  • Crack repairs
  • Joint repairs
  • Concrete patching
  • Concrete grinding
  • Concrete coatings


It is important to properly repair concrete cracks, as they have a tendency to spread if not taken care of. This is similar to how a crack in windshield can turn into a bigger problem if left untreated on your car. Concrete cracking is common because of the shifting of the earth. Concrete is poured in such away to allow it to move with the earth, but the result of this movement can be cracks on the surface.

In order to see if we should fill the crack or not, we take a look at the width of the crack. If it is a “hairline” crack, or you cannot fit your credit card in the crack, we advise to leave it alone. If it is wider than the credit card, then we advice fixing it.

To repair the crack, we clean it out and at times we’ll need to actually make it bigger to properly fill it in with our material. Our material allows it to move with the earth but stay put, as to not allow the crack to grow bigger and bigger. We fill the crack and then make sure that it is as flush as it can be to the ground.


Municipal crack repair


Colorado Concrete Repair repairs concrete joints, so that you can ensure water is not creeping into the joints and therefore seeping into your concrete pads, causing them to sink. We will remove old joint sealant (if needed) and cut out the space to then fill it again with joint fill. This will help you maintain your concrete and expand it’s life before in needs replaced.

Joints are an important part of the concrete’s makeup. They allow the concrete to expand and contract (get bigger and smaller) with temperature and humidity changes. Since they are important it is a good idea to maintain them and we are here to help!


Patching concrete can be just as integral as crack repairs and joint repairs. The rule of thumb here when deciding if a piece of concrete needs patched or replaced is to see if the concrete is so deteriorated that you can see rebar. If you can see rebar, it’s probably time to replace that concrete because it’s only a matter of time until the patching material will come off (deteriorate), too. We can’t make promises when we patch concrete in that bad of condition. However, if the concrete is spalling a little bit, we can address the issue and will address the issue before we grind the concrete or coat it. We’ll even patch concrete if you aren’t going to do anything else with it if you need help with safety hazards. Contact us to tell us what issues you are having with your concrete and we’ll let you know the best route!


Concrete grinding is a great solution for trip hazards, where concrete has risen so much that a door will not open or so much to where someone can easily trip over it, or a machine cannot drive over it without exhaustive effort. Colorado Concrete Repair grinds concrete for several reasons:


  • Grind and seal concrete driveways
  • Grind less than 1″ risen concrete to smooth surface
  • Grind and seal concrete floors in basements or if you have concrete floors on the main level
  • Grind and seal brewery concrete floors, restaurant concrete floors, and commercial or industrial flooring


You can get a unique industrial look to your concrete floor if we grind it and then seal it. Grinding concrete is similar to polishing, except we will not grind as many levels of concrete as we would if we wanted to get the polished concrete look. It is a good option if you are looking to smooth out your concrete surface but at the same time it will protect the surface and make it a good surface for all your business or residential needs.


Colorado Concrete Repair will work with you to coat your existing concrete after we’ve made any repairs that are necessary to keep the integrity of the concrete. Coatings are a good option when you need to cover up existing concrete due to it not looking the way you want it to look. It is also a good option to coat concrete when you want a specific look the concrete does not already have, like a pool deck or garage floor system, or to give you a certain surface that is durable, has traction, and will resist harsh chemicals or oils, and be easier to maintain than just a concrete surface alone would be. Contact us to talk about the many options available to you with ever-advancing technology in concrete coating systems.

We can work with you to minimize downtime and keep your facility operating efficiently. Contact us to find out more.


Once we’ve repaired the concrete, it’s important to maintain it. One of the best ways to maintain your repaired concrete floor is to seal it. Colorado Concrete Repair seals concrete so that it outlasts the damaging effects of the environment, whether that be weather elements, vehicular and foot traffic, or chemical damage. As is with any floor surface, it is still best to maintain your concrete even if it is sealed. Wipe up messes when they happen and follow cleaning procedures based on the concrete finish you choose. It is also best to avoid putting magnesium chloride directly on the concrete, as it can still deteriorate the concrete because it is a harsh chemical.