Tips to Maintain Your Epoxy Floor Investment

Epoxy floors, are great for their durability and aesthetic appeal, are a popular choice in various settings, from food production and retail to high-traffic hallways and warehouses. While these floors are known for their resilience, they still require a regular maintenance routine to retain their luster and longevity. Here’s a maintenance plan for your epoxy floor:

Remember – always test any process or cleaning material out in a small inconspicuous space

Use these as guidelines and adjust for your use/traffic. in our environment in Denver our dust is very abrasive


1. Daily Epoxy Floor Maintenance:

  • Sweeping: Use a soft-bristle broom or a dust mop to sweep the floor daily. This helps in removing small particles, dust, and debris, reducing wear and tear. In our environment in Denver our dirt and debris can be very aggressive to your floors finish with the hardness of the dirt/sand as it can contain hard minerals from the mountains/concrete like quartz. Keeping the floor clean will reduce wear greatly.
  • Spill Management: Address spills of harsh or corrosive chemicals promptly. Use a soft cloth to wipe them up to prevent permanent damage or as advised for disposal.

2. Weekly Epoxy Flooring Maintenance:

  • Washing: Wash the floor regularly using warm or hot water. Non-alkaline, gentle cleansers diluted in water are recommended such as a neutral cleaner. Avoid soap-based cleaners, citric acid, vinegar, and bleach as they can damage the epoxy finish. Diluted ammonia can also serve as an effective cleaning solution without harming the finish.

3. Yearly Floor Maintenance:

  • Addressing Damages: Over time, you might notice large stains, scratches, gouges, or cuts in the coating. Address these issues as soon as they are spotted. Recoating might be necessary if you observe signs like peeling, bubbling, excessive wear, or unevenness. The recoating process involves buffing, sanding, filling cracks or gouges, proper cleaning, and applying a new coat of epoxy, urethane or polyaspartic. Contact us for recoating

4. Additional Tips for Epoxy Floors:

  • Avoid Sharp Objects: Ensure that sharp objects are kept away from the floor to prevent scratching and cutting.
  • Avoid Abrasive Cleaners or Objects: harsh cleaning pads or abrasice cleaners can dull the surface
  • Pressure Washing: It’s not recommended to pressure wash epoxy flooring as it can be more harmful than beneficial.
  • Professional Services: For specialized maintenance tasks, consider hiring professional services that are experienced in maintaining and cleaning epoxy floors.