Make Your Gym Sanitary and Odor Free with Epoxy Flooring

Keeping your commercial gym clean in Denver is naturally going to be a challenge with all of the people that workout in your space, often leaving behind sweat on surfaces they touch and floors. Spilled water or water that accumulates in and around showers and pool facilities are another concern.

All of these different forms of moisture can collect on your gym floors. They may contain bacteria and lead to a buildup of mold and mildew, leading to odors. This is an easy way to make your clients think that your space is unclean even if you use an in depth cleaning regimen. But epoxy floor gym can give you an effective way to limit bacteria and mold, and by extension, reduce odors.

How Epoxy Floors Can Mitigate Odor Problems in Gyms

With regular use, gyms see a buildup of bacteria from gym goers. This is a possibility in every property as bacteria transfers from a person’s skin to any surfaces they touch. But gyms are one location where odor causing bacteria is often more prevalent due to sweat. When people sweat, the bacteria mixes with the sweat. Sweat that ends up on your floors can then continue to cause odors as the bacteria decays.

This becomes a problem when you cannot reach the bacteria with a mop or broom because the microscopic particles are stuck in the cracks, joints, and pores of a floor. Mold and mildew can cause a similar issue when they grow in any location where moisture is frequent.

Depending on the type of floor you have in your gym, it can be extremely difficult, or even impossible, to remove this mold and bacteria in order to address the source of the odors simply because they are trapped far beneath the surface where most standard cleaning methods cannot reach. Instead, they can begin to cause an obvious odor which will often subconsciously make your gym members feel as if your gym does not meet standards of cleanliness.

Since sweat, bacteria, and moisture are unavoidable in gyms, it is a good idea to choose a flooring material that will not trap these elements and which lends itself to easy cleaning. An effective solution is an epoxy floor gym. This is a resinous coating that goes over a concrete base. After curing, the epoxy forms a hard layer that will help prevent odors because it is:

  • Smooth – A standard epoxy floor is completely smooth with no ridges for dirt or bacteria to become trapped against. When you run a dust mop or wet mop over the surface of epoxy, you will easily pick up any dirt or bacteria present there. Textured epoxy, which provides enhanced anti slip capabilities, will generally have more ridges, but because of its other capabilities, remains relatively remains almost as easy to clean.
  • Non Porous – Other flooring materials have lots of natural pores or holes that extend beneath the surface. These are prime spaces for bacteria to become trapped or mold to begin to grow and offer no easy way to clean. As a resinous material, epoxy has no pores to trap dirt.
  • Seamless – Epoxy goes on in a continuous pour so there are no seams or joints like those between tiles or concrete where bacteria could get stuck.
  • Scratch and Chip Resistant – It is not only the original cracks and gaps that can harbor bacteria, but also those that develop over time. Epoxy flooring is highly durable to reduce the risk that cracks or imperfections will develop and create a space for mold or bacteria.

In addition to all of these benefits, epoxy is also very easy to clean with standard items. This means that you can continue keeping a gym clean and removing all accumulated bacteria or mold spores regularly to limit the risk that odors will occur.

An epoxy floor gym can also make your space feel cleaner due to their appearance. Epoxy floors can be bright and glossy, as well as extremely customized to meet your gym’s aesthetic. This will help your interior naturally look cleaner as well as smell cleaner, creating a gym environment that your members will look forward to spending time in.

Colorado Concrete Repair specializes in epoxy flooring and other options for gyms. We have worked with a number of fitness facilities, rec centers, exercise gyms, and more around the Denver area to install highly sanitary and attractive epoxy floors. Learn more about all the ways that an epoxy coating can be the best flooring option at your gym and get a quote for your installation. Contact Colorado Concrete Repair to get started.