Why You Need an Epoxy Flooring Expert for Your Commercial Floor

An epoxy coating is one of the top flooring options available. Highly durable, long lasting, easy to maintain, functional, and beautiful, an epoxy floor coating is a top investment for a range of commercial properties in Denver.

But to get the most out of your investment, you will want to have a Denver epoxy flooring specialist with extensive experience in epoxy flooring so you can be sure the job is done right.

Benefits of Using an Epoxy Flooring Specialist

Epoxy is one of the more affordable flooring options, and is extremely cost-effective when you consider the benefits it offers. But many of these benefits depend on the quality of the initial installation and this is still an upfront investment with the cost of materials and installation. The right flooring contractor will ensure the value of your investment by managing all the following considerations:

  • Epoxy Type – There are hundreds of different epoxy and resin flooring products on the market. An epoxy expert will start with an in-depth understanding of your needs in order to reverse engineer the right flooring characteristics. From there, they can craft the right formulation of epoxy, polyurethane, and other floor coating products to provide the most effective floor.
  • Commercial Grade Materials – The materials we use at Colorado Concrete Repair are top of the line for dependable and durable flooring that will last for years.
  • Right Equipment – A team that specializes in epoxy will already have all the necessary equipment and training to use it. This enables them to perform the job with precision and high quality results.
  • Substrate Quality – Epoxy is a coating for concrete flooring, and it depends on a strong concrete base. As concrete experts, the team at Colorado Concrete Repair can perform analysis of the underlying concrete surface to find and repair any existing problems.
  • Base Preparation – Before installation, the concrete substrate needs to be correctly prepped. We use grinding and leveling, crack repair, and other expert techniques to be sure epoxy goes on smoothly.
  • Moisture and Weather – The best installations require the right conditions. A professional team will understand how weather, ambient moisture, and other factors will affect an epoxy flooring installation and can adjust the installation process accordingly.
  • Appearance Options – A concrete contractor will have all of the equipment necessary to customize epoxy flooring with colors, designs, and aggregates for a floor that looks as professional as it is functional.

An epoxy flooring company in Denver will also have experience that is applicable specifically to properties in the area and can meet the needs of all of the local industries. At Colorado Concrete Repair, we know which products and installation techniques have provided the best results for properties like yours with dozens of floors installed for our local clients.

With this expertise and all the right tools, we are able to provide the best epoxy coating installation from start to finish to create a resilient, long lasting surface that looks highly professional. To learn more about what sets Colorado Concrete Repair apart as the top commercial flooring contractor in Denver, contact us today.