Determining the Correct Epoxy Coating for the Floor at Your Commercial Facility

Epoxy is the preferred flooring choice for many different commercial property types for its durability, chemical resistance, simple cleaning, and ability to stand up to wear. But it is also possible to extend the benefits of an epoxy floor coating and enhance specific characteristics that may be necessary at your property.

These decisions are made during the initial planning process. At this point, the contractor will learn about your needs and tailor the flooring material and installation to those needs. This could mean a floor coating that can withstand heavy machinery use at a warehouse, resist chemical contact at a pharmaceutical facility, or provide slip resistance in a manufacturing plant.

Customizing the Right Floor for Your Property

Epoxy floor coatings and other resinous coatings are not a single product. Rather, the flooring contractor will determine the best mixture of epoxy, urethane, additives, and aggregates to produce floors that will meet both your functional and aesthetic goals.

Some of the information the contractor might use to plan your floors includes:

  • Business Type and Industry – The type of business that your facility supports plays a large part in the demands on your floor and enables the contractor to use flooring plans from similar industries as a starting point.
  • Typical Traffic – The usual traffic on a floor will determine how durable the floor needs to be. A storage facility that gets light but regular foot traffic versus a warehouse where forklifts are driving over the floor all day will need different floors. Knowing who will be on the floor and what they are doing is important to choosing the right flooring type.
  • Industry Regulations – Industries such as food production or pharmaceuticals have regulations in place regarding flooring in order to maintain a clean and safe environment. Epoxy flooring can improve upon features such as anti-slip and anti-bacterial.
  • Chemicals in Use – Epoxy is resistant to many chemicals, but knowing specifically what your business is using and could potentially spill onto the floor makes it possible to plan specific and lasting resistance to those chemicals.
  • Current Floor Maintenance – How you maintain your current floor and what recent repairs have been done, whether it is epoxy or another material, provides extensive insight into the stressors on your floor and can be an indicator of which areas need to be stronger or what type of wear the floor needs to be prepared for.

We use these considerations and more at Colorado Concrete Repair when planning your floor since they give us an in-depth understanding of your business and your specific requirements. We can then use our knowledge and experience to provide the perfect custom epoxy floor that meets not only your industry requirements, but also matches the ways you use your facility.

This result is a floor that is more efficient, easier to work with, and an all around better investment in your commercial facility. Schedule a free evaluation to start the process of engineering the right epoxy flooring for your business.