Epoxy Floor Coatings for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical facilities have certain requirements and challenges that many other properties do not necessarily face. Concerns about contamination, a clean environment for research and development, and contact with chemicals must be considered when choosing facility design materials, including flooring. Your facility also needs to look professional and is convenient and safe for workers and visitors.

Concrete flooring with an epoxy coating is the best choice for pharma manufacturing in Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins, and other areas around Denver with the potential to meet the needs of pharmaceutical plants and offer additional benefits.

Why Use Chemical Resistant Resinous Floors at Your Pharmaceutical Plant

The FDA requires pharmaceutical companies to meet a number of standards with their flooring to help maintain a hygienic environment without the risk of contamination. These standards include:

  • Floors that are hard and smooth.
  • Floors you can easily clean and disinfect.
  • An aseptic environment.
  • Low airborne particle counts in clean rooms.

In addition to the naturally smooth surface and easy cleaning capabilities of epoxy floor coatings, this is also the ideal material for meeting the last two of these standards since the floor cannot trap bacteria and then release particles into the air. This is because epoxy creates a single smooth surface without cracks and that meets walls and cabinetry without a gap that can catch dirt.

Additional benefits of a resinous floor coating over other materials include chemical resistance. A caustic chemical spill or chemicals in the air will not degrade an epoxy coating, but epoxy can also go further. The initial epoxy formula can be altered to be specifically resistant to the chemicals in your laboratory.

Other customizations for pharmaceutical manufacturing flooring can include anti-slip solutions to maintain the health of your workers, reinforced flooring in warehouse areas where forklifts are in use, colors and line striping to indicate different safety areas, and more. Because an epoxy floor coating goes over a durable concrete substrate, it will also provide a strong floor that will last through many years.

Colorado Concrete Repair is a concrete epoxy flooring specialist that has worked with many companies in the pharmaceutical industry and others that need to maintain a hygienic and safe environment. We can customize our epoxy flooring to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of epoxy flooring for pharmaceutical companies.