Terrazzo Style Flooring for Your Business with Epoxy

Terrazzo flooring is an upscale and luxurious flooring style made by mixing an aggregate into cement. The most popular aggregate options are stone, glass, porcelain, or marble, each providing a striking visual element while the polished surface gives a perfectly smooth and glossy look.

Terrazzo floors are a great choice for lobbies, offices, hospitality, spa facilities and salons, and any property that needs a special finish. But if you are looking for terrazzo flooring at your commercial property without the cost or challenges of traditional terrazzo installation, epoxy terrazzo floors can give you the same visually impressive flooring at a more affordable price and with several additional benefits.

Benefits of Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring for Commercial Properties

Epoxy uses a similar process to terrazzo, but instead of a cement base, the decorative aggregate is set into the epoxy resin base. In addition to aggregate options, you can also incorporate colors into the epoxy and choose your desired gloss level.

This creates a look nearly identical to traditional terrazzo that also offers all of the following benefits:

  • Simple Installation – Epoxy installation is an efficient process when an experienced flooring contractor manages it. Limited curing time – often approximately a day – will have your epoxy floors ready for polishing so they can be completed quickly.
  • Durability – Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable flooring options for commercial properties. Smooth and nonporous, it does not need sealing or waxing, making it an almost no maintenance option for the life of your floor outside of standard cleaning. Traditional terrazzo is more likely to need the occasional rebuffing and sealing to keep it in good repair.
  • Anti-Slip Surface – Because it is naturally slip resistant, epoxy flooring is a good option for any property where moisture or spills are common. Because of the sealants used, will be slightly slippery when wet.
  • Cost – The top benefit of epoxy flooring over terrazzo is the lower cost. Terrazzo is one of the most expensive commercial flooring options and epoxy is one of the most cost effective, particularly since it will last for decades.

Another option for affordable terrazzo-style floors is to use polished concrete. Concrete naturally contains aggregate, and polishing it exposes the aggregate. Because there is less stone aggregate in concrete than terrazzo or epoxy, this will give you a more subtle look.

Whatever design you want to accomplish with a custom concrete floor at your commercial property, Colorado Concrete Repair is the leading contractor for epoxy flooring and polished concrete in Denver, Aurora, and the surrounding area.

Our state of the art equipment and industry leading skills enable us to design epoxy concrete floors that reflect your business’s standard while also completing the work quickly to keep your project on time and under budget. Learn more about our polished concrete options and start the planning process with us today.