Which Businesses in Colorado Benefit Most from a Concrete Floor?

In a commercial setting, concrete flooring has a range of benefits. With options like epoxy coated concrete floors and polished concrete floors, you can achieve a flooring solution that is extremely long lasting and low maintenance, stain and spill resistant, and antibacterial. This makes these floors ideal when you need a surface that can stand up to extensive daily wear, heavy machinery like cars or forklifts, and the many chemicals and products you use daily on the job.

Because concrete floors are also an attractive option, they can be a great choice for any business that needs a professional appearance.

What Type of Business Should Install a Concrete Floor in Colorado?

More and more businesses in a range of industries around Denver, Loveland, Hudson, and Littleton are choosing concrete floors for versatility and longevity. Some of the business types where concrete flooring works best includes:

  • Warehouses – Epoxy flooring is the leading option for warehouses where the smooth surface has the added benefit of being easy to navigate with forklifts.
  • Auto Garages – Concrete floors at an auto garage can handle equipment and fluid spills without ever sacrificing appearance. They are easy to clean when the day is over.
  • Manufacturing Facilities – Concrete and epoxy floors can stand up to almost any chemical used in manufacturing and help maintain productivity with anti slip and reflective surfaces.
  • Showrooms – A polished, high gloss concrete floor in your showroom will impress customers and make your vehicles a centerpiece.
  • Restaurants and Kitchens – Concrete floors are good for anti slip and easy cleaning to help you manage any spill. You can extend this floor out into the dining areas well for an in style industrial look.
  • Healthcare Facilities – Because epoxy and polished concrete is nonporous and cannot collect bacteria beneath the surface, it is optimal for hospitals, assisted living facilities, senior care facilities, and doctor’s offices.
  • Gyms and Recreational Facilities – Concrete flooring can stand up to the heavy foot traffic, weights, and gym equipment and is easy to keep clean.
  • Retail – Nany retailers throughout Denver, including supermarkets, furniture, home improvement, clothing, and more, are using concrete floors for an environment that is attractive to customers and also easy and affordable.

The benefit of concrete floors across all industries is their cost effectiveness. Because they are relatively affordable to put in and will last for many years, concrete flooring is considered one of the most economical commercial flooring options.

Whether you own one of these businesses or work in another industry where versatile floors are a necessity, concrete is a viable option. Colorado Concrete Repair, a leading concrete flooring contractor in Denver, can help make your floor exactly what you need with an extensive range of customization options. Contact us to learn more about how concrete floors may work for your business and get a free estimate.