How to Clean Indoor Concrete Floors at Your Commercial Property

If your business or industrial facility already has concrete floors installed or is looking to install concrete, you have the benefit of some of the easiest to maintain flooring. Concrete floors used in commercial facilities, such as polished concrete and epoxy flooring, are non porous so small particles of dirt and bacteria cannot get trapped beneath the surface.

Concrete is also very resistant, enabling you to use most of your standing cleaning products when you do need to clean.

Steps for Cleaning Concrete Floors

This process is largely the same for all interior concrete floors whether they are polished concrete, epoxy floors, or another resin coated floor. Stamped concrete can be a little different because it has texture that can trap dirt that sweeping can miss.

The frequency of cleaning will also depend on your facility and how much debris is created each day. You can adapt these steps to meet your needs:

  • Dust Mopping – Does mopping without any cleaners will remove any dust and debris that collects daily. A microfiber dust mop works best since it will create static electricity that will pick any dust and germs up off the floor like a magnet. You can also use a vacuum if you prefer.
  • Wet Mopping – For a deeper clean, wet mopping will remove more stuck on dirt. Oftentimes, you can use just water to wet mop. If you need to use soap, use one with a neutral pH, such as dish soap or castile soap, as more astringent soaps can ruin the gloss of your floor and oily soaps will leave a slippery residue. Also make sure there is no standing water left on the floor after cleaning.
  • Protect Your Floors – In between cleanings, keep your floors in good condition by cleaning up any spills quickly, including water. This will extend the lifetime of your floors and make cleaning easier. For epoxy and certain other resins, you will also need to avoid using certain acidic chemicals in your facility to avoid stains that could be damaging.

With these basic tips, you can keep your commercial facility clean and compliant with any sanitation codes, as well as keep your flooring in good condition. If your business is looking for a flooring option with easy maintenance, choosing to install concrete floors in Denver will make it possible for you to take advantage of these easy cleaning solutions. Learn more about the cost options and if concrete flooring is the right solution for your business when you call Colorado Concrete Repair.