Benefits of Using Concrete Flooring in Your Denver Gym

Denver is a city that likes to be active and gyms in the area need flooring options that can keep up with their members. Whether you specialize in climbing, weights, fitness, boxing, or another technique, a concrete floor is the perfect solution for you as a gym owner and for your members.

There are several types of concrete floors available depending on the look and features you want, including polished concrete, stained concrete, and epoxy flooring. Each will give you a clean and beautiful gym that will stand up to years of workouts.

Why Install A Concrete Gym Floor

Most gyms will use rubber mats or padding in fitness areas, but beneath the mats you need a resistant floor that can endure heavy foot traffic, the weight of machines, and the pressure of dropped weights. As one of the most durable materials in construction, concrete is the obvious choice.

But concrete also offers a range of additional benefits, such as:

  • Customizable Appearance – With options for staining, high gloss, and texture you can create a floor that matches the look of your gym and creates an environment where your members will enjoy spending time. You can bring in colors that correspond with your logo or choose different designs in different areas to differentiate between lobbies, gathering areas, and fitness spaces.
  • Natural Strength – When your fitness classes have high intensity workouts or someone drops the barbell at the end of a set, concrete floors should stand up without any cracking or chipping.
  • Easy to Clean – After polishing or epoxy coating concrete, it becomes non-porous. This means that germs and bacteria will not get trapped in your floor and cleaning is as easy as sweeping with a dust mop.
  • Low Cost – Low materials and installation cost makes concrete flooring one of the most affordable options for commercial floors, giving you an affordable solution if you are opening a gym or renovating yours.

Colorado Concrete Repair installs concrete floors at gyms in Denver, Aurora, Englewood, Lakewood, and elsewhere in the metro area. We have a wide range of concrete flooring solutions, including epoxy, polished concrete, and more and will discuss with you which options can best meet your gym’s need for an attractive interior while providing you with a highly functional space. Contact us to learn more about our concrete flooring options.