Epoxy Flooring for Retail Spaces

When you own a retail space in the Denver metro area, it is not just the products you are selling that will impress your customers, but also the environment. An attractive interior will make customers more certain of your quality and encourage them to visit and linger in your store.

Epoxy retail space flooring using a concrete base layer for durability and easy maintenance can create a beautiful floor that is also highly functional, making it the perfect choice for properties of all sizes, including supermarkets, boutiques, furniture stores, specialty stores, and department stores.

What Epoxy Can Bring to Your Commercial Retail Space Flooring

Epoxy flooring can cover a space of any size, creating a smooth and non porous surface with options for matte or high gloss, and the ability to add colors and aggregates for a customized appearance. This offers all of the following advantages in a retail space:

  • Fits Multiple Aesthetics – Whether your business needs an industrial look or something more bright and colorful, the appearance options with epoxy can meet your various needs.
  • Easy Movement – With a completely smooth surface, any wheeled items like forklifts, carts, and racks will travel well over your flooring.
  • Simple Cleaning – Regular cleaning of your for epoxy floors requires only sweeping and mopping with water. Since the floors are non porous, they are stain resistant and these basic cleaning methods will remove the dust that collects so that your store always looks clean.
  • Brighter Environment – A glossy epoxy will make the floor reflective for a naturally brighter interior that will help to show off your merchandise and be more comfortable for customers.
  • Antislip Capabilities – If your store has the occasional water spill, epoxy will help prevent customers and employees from slipping. Additional customizations can also increase the anti slip capabilities if that is a concern.
  • In Style – More and more businesses are installing epoxy, establishing this as a modern look that complements your brand and business.

Epoxy flooring is also a highly cost effective option. Low installation costs make it possible to bring this look to your business within your budget, giving you the flexibility for other capital investments.

To start the process of installing an epoxy floor at a commercial property in Denver, you will need an expert flooring contractor. Colorado Concrete Repair provides the leading epoxy floor installation in Denver with competitive prices and a commitment to fast, quality work. Reach out to our team to start the planning process.