Grinding and Glue Removal – Case Study

Colorado Concrete Repair was contacted by a new client that needed something unique – something that turned out to be quite the project. The construction crew had removed tile from the property, and unfortunately, it left behind a huge amount of glue. There was tile (and thus, glue) all over almost the entire property, including a huge hump in the main downstairs room that was both wide and high.

You can see some of the before photos, here:

We were able to get through most of the property quickly and efficiently. But that bear of a hump was an incredible task. It took most of the day and several grinding wheels to take the hump down and flatten the floor. Only after several hours of dedicated grinding did we finally have the level surface that we were looking for. Here’s what it looked like after:

Even something that sounds as simple as grinding out some glue can turn out to be a substantial project that requires an incredible amount of expertise, dedication, technology, and a team that is up for the task. Learn more about our concrete grinding services by contacting Colorado Concrete Repair, today.