How Epoxy Flooring Stands Up to Common Challenges in Commercial Auto Garages

Commercial auto garages in Denver – and the mechanic garage floor in garages in particular – undergo a lot of wear and tear. Epoxy flooring and resinous coatings for commercial garage floors are leading options to stand up to the vehicles, equipment, chemicals, and daily wear that occurs on your floor.

Epoxy flooring for commercial garages in Denver will stand up to many of the common challenges that occur that might damage other flooring materials.

Choosing the Best Flooring Material for Your Mechanic Garage Floor

Epoxy flooring goes over a concrete slab. The contractor installs an epoxy floor in a continuous pour, creating a smooth and seamless surface. Epoxy can be customized with color, textures, anti-slip features, and additives that can fine tune the performance of your flooring. With these customizations and the strong basic performance of epoxy coatings, flooring in an auto garage has the following characteristics:

  • Chemical Resistance – Epoxy will resist industrial solvents and cleaners, gasoline, oil, and other automotive fluids. Spills should be cleaned quickly, but floors will otherwise remain in good condition regardless of the chemical materials in use in your garage.
  • Hot Tire Pickup Resistance – With high quality installation, epoxy flooring will not be impacted by hot tire pickup. This avoids a common problem with concrete and other flooring options in busy garages.
  • Heavy Equipment and Weight Resistance – Epoxy can handle the weight of cars, SUVs, and any other equipment you are using in your garage without cracking. Due to its hardness, epoxy is long wearing and will maintain its appearance for many years.
  • Dirt and Grime Resistance – Epoxy is non porous. Its surface is completely flat without ridges, cracks, or holes that would trap dirt. All of the dust in your facility rests on the top of your floor and can be easily wiped away so that your garage continues to look clean and professional.

Commercial epoxy flooring is also affordably priced. This makes it possible to protect your floors with a long lasting and impressive looking floor that will meet your garage’s needs with minimal maintenance over the years.

Colorado Concrete Repair has installed epoxy floors at many commercial auto garages throughout Denver and the surrounding cities. When you are considering what flooring to use in your Denver automotive garage, our team can provide recommendations for the right flooring at your facility. Contact us to learn more about epoxy flooring and get a quote.