Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Flooring System for Your Garage

The mechanic shop floor is one of the most important components at a commercial garage or dealer service center. Depending on the services your garage offers, a floor can see extensive traffic every day from vehicles and the equipment you use, can require extensive maintenance, and could be susceptible to unattractive and expensive damage if the wrong material is in use.

Selecting the right floor begins with understanding the requirements your garage has and what type of wear your floor may see on a daily basis. This can help you choose a resinous commercial flooring system that will offer a cost effective installation with significant benefits.

How to Choose the Right Resinous Mechanic Shop Floor

A resinous coating is essential for commercial garages as a means to protect concrete floors. Concrete is a durable, strong, and affordable material. But because it is porous, concrete can be damaged with relative ease by a chemical spill or an object dropped on the concrete surface. Regular use will also start to wear away at a concrete surface.

An epoxy coating offers and extremely hard and nonporous overlay for concrete floors. This makes it highly suitable for protecting floors against operations in auto garages. When choosing a resinous flooring for your garage, you should consider:

  • Chemicals in Use – Auto garages will often have oil, gas, and standard cleaning fluids in use. Epoxy and other resinous flooring systems can stand up to these chemicals and more. If you use other solvents and substances in operations, you will want to pick a floor that is resistant to those specific chemicals.
  • Equipment in Use – Equipment can have specific requirements. Tools like wrenches can be dropped and the floor will need to resist cracking under the impact. Equipment with smaller wheels, like carts, can move more readily over epoxy floors due to the smooth surface.
  • Amount of Traffic – The number of cars you process each day will determine the wear and tear on your floors. Garages handling dozens of cars every day will need more durable coating systems while specialty garages may only have a few vehicles per day can rely on a thinner coating system.
  • Appearance Needs – If your customers will have a view of your garage or access to it, you will want a floor that looks clean and professional. Epoxy is a good solution for this since it will not trap dirt, is simple to clean, and can be customized in a variety of colors, sheens, and textures.
  • Other Requirements – When other requirements are necessary at your garage, choosing a flooring option that offers the right specifications can make it easy to meet those requirements. This can include features like anti-slip flooring, temperature resistance, and more.

These are the features of your garage that you as the owner will best understand, along with your budget and timeline. At Colorado Concrete Repair, we take all of the information you provide us about your garage and business operations and we are able to customize an epoxy floor and installation plan for your garage. Get the process started with a call to our team today.