Case Study: Concrete Grinding and Leveling at an Office Building in Boulder, CO

Colorado Concrete Repair was contacted by the property manager at an office building in Boulder, CO. This office building had concrete flooring that had developed huge cracks as the cement had settled. You can see the extent of some of these cracks and the uneven ground in the photos below:

The floor itself had completely shifted, leading to potentially dangerous tripping hazards and an office floor that was not professional enough for anyone to work. They contacted Colorado Concrete Repair because they felt that we offered them the best combination of services and pricing.

In order to fix this type of flooring, we would have to:

  • Patch up the damaged floor.
  • Fill the cracks.
  • Level out all the humps in the concrete.

Using state of the art equipment, we were able to do just that. Our customers, who had recently purchased the property, were able to replace the cracked flooring with a perfectly flat, smooth floor that would last them for decades.