Polished Concrete Flooring in Denver – When is Polish an Appropriate Repair?

Our name, “Colorado Concrete Repair,” sometimes accidentally gives the impression that we only do repair. We are frequently the #1 concrete contractor for new concrete and epoxy flooring, and many commercial property owners contact us to create their brand new custom concrete floor.

But we also do repairs. Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of calls from commercial property managers that are looking for a way to improve on their existing concrete floors. One solution that we may want to consider is polished concrete. It is possible, depending on the repair, to polish concrete in order to repair it, and give it a brighter and more stylish appearance.

What Happens When Concrete Floors Age?

Concrete floors will eventually need repairs. Some repairs are smaller, with minor cracks and other issues that affect how well the floor continues to function. Concrete can also have small pieces chip off, or can become discolored. Large cracks are also possible, but are more common with improperly installed flooring. No matter what, concrete floors will eventually need some type of repair as they get older.

What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is the act of taking away layers of concrete through concrete grinding. As you take away more layers, you also use a finer abrasive, which creates a concrete that is smooth, glossy, and visually appealing. It completely changes the look of your concrete, and it can be completed on top of existing concrete – including, if not especially, the traditional boring grey concrete that we are used to seeing in some properties.

When is Polished Concrete Appropriate?

Polished concrete is an appropriate option in very specific settings. You are more likely to want to consider polished concrete when the concrete has the following issues:

  • Staining – Staining is perhaps the most common reason to consider polished concrete, as not only will remove the stain, but the polished concrete will prevent future stains.
  • Surface Imperfections – If there are small cracks and scratches, rather than any large cracks, polishing can typically smooth those out and prevent future ones.
  • Hard to Clean – Concrete itself can be difficult to clean from an aesthetic perspective. If you’re trying to make sure your floors continue to look amazing, you will typically want to consider something like polished concrete.

Polished concrete is also an aesthetic choice. Many people just prefer the look of polished concrete, which makes the process a largely personal choice.

Alternate Options to Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is not the only option for addressing concrete repair. Some companies choose to just lay more concrete. Others just fill the cracks. Resurfacing is also an option. Similar to polishing, concrete resurfacing has us remove a small layer of concrete so that some of the imperfections are removed.

Epoxy flooring is also a very effective repair option. Epoxy adds a durable coating that fills in any cracks and holes and protects the concrete from further damage. Concrete overlays and concrete replacement are also available.

It should also be noted that sometimes, what you need is a combo of multiple services. For example, you may need to repair a large crack, then polish the concrete, then you may want to place an epoxy coating on top of that new polished concrete for added durability. That is something we can talk about more at the time of your estimate.

Is Polished Concrete the Right Choice?

Polished concrete, like most forms of commercial flooring, is appropriate in some settings but not others. That is why it is more beneficial to speak to a concrete specialist to really identify when it is an appropriate repair option for your needs. Contact Colorado Concrete Repair today to get started.