Hockey Rink Flooring in Denver – CCR Transformed This Hockey Rink

Colorado Concrete Repair was contacted by a local hockey rink that had decades of history, but whose rink had seen better days. Those on their skates were able to feel some of the bumps that had developed over the course of many years, and it was becoming difficult to skate there with the confidence necessary to play the game.

Not only was the concrete on its final days, but the ice was scarred, paint was peeling off everywhere, and the entire flooring was no longer functioning as it was meant to function. It was time for a change.

What We Did Here at Colorado Concrete Repair

For us to address the issues with hockey rink flooring, we first had to wait for all the ice to melt away. Then we fired up our floor grinders. The surface was so rough, it was causing sparks to fly out, as we stripped away years of wear and tear to flatten the surface underneath.

Finally, we completely cleaned away all the excess dust and debris, made sure the entire ground was level, and left behind a hockey rink that was flat, smooth, and perfect. Our company didn’t just grind away the rough surface of that rink; we provided new potential, leaving behind a legacy that would stand strong for years to come.

If you’re looking for someone to transform your concrete, redo your honkey rink, or support you with your commercial flooring and concrete grinding needs, make sure you contact Colorado Concrete Repair, today.