Earlier this week, we restored a Larkspur home’s stamped concrete front entrance and back patio by doing a stamped concrete sealer. In this situation, the stamped concrete needed to be recolored and resealed; it had been left in the Colorado weather conditions to fade away. When we arrived for our estimate, we found that it had lost its color and its sheen, which is common for stamped concrete when it is not sealed every one to two years. This decorative concrete is a beautiful option, but it must be protected. That’s where your Colorado Concrete Repair stamped concrete sealing experts come in!

This project in total only took us 3/4 of a day from beginning to end. We washed the concrete, stained it where needed, and resealed it. As you can see from our video footage, the before and after pictures, show you it all.

The benefits of choosing a professional to reseal your stamped concrete are as follows:

  • Colorado Concrete Repair professionally washes the stamped concrete with a pressure washer. Often times, we find that when home owners try to power wash their own concrete, it can become damaged in the process.
  • Colorado Concrete Repair creates a cohesive, clean look, leaving no lines when power washing. We’ve seen power washing that has left lines on the stamped concrete if done improperly.
  • We’ll apply high-quality acrylic sealer evenly. If not applied correctly, sealer can be applied too thick, and thus creating a look that is not desirable. Colorado Concrete Repair will restore your stamped concrete with our expertise, attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship.

We are happy to set our clients up for success with an annual stamped concrete sealing maintenance plan. This is beneficial for our clients, as it sets them up for success when maintaining their investment. We’ll follow up with our clients who are on the annual plan each year, usually during the summer months, to set up a time for us to come out and seal their stamped concrete.

Our pricing for stamped concrete restoration is $1,000 and can go upwards from there, depending on the current condition of the stamped concrete and the amount of square footage that needs restoring. We are here to make your stamped concrete maintenance care free.

Call us today at 720-258-6571 if you think a stamped concrete reseal would be a good option for your concrete!