Choosing the Best Flooring Option for Your Cannabis Facility in Denver

For marijuana growing operations, Denver and the surrounding area remain one of the top locations in the country for cannabis and marijuana production. But whether you are one of the original operations in Colorado or are opening a new production plant, you need a facility that is clean and efficient. That begins with your flooring.

Growing operations and cannabis production must meet a range of industry standards for a safe and reliable product. You also need flooring options that will be a cost effective and functional option and reflect the professionalism of your business. Epoxy-coated concrete floors are a great option for meeting all of these needs.

How Epoxy Flooring Supports Cannabis Production Businesses

Epoxy flooring is a highly durable floor that can increase efficiency and productivity. The floor uses a concrete base overlaid with a resin coating. Epoxy is the leading solution, although various other resins and aggregates can contribute additional functionality to your floor.

This flooring type is suited to a wide variety of properties but works extremely well in grow rooms and processing facilities because of its many benefits, including:

  • Fast and Affordable Installation – A reliable epoxy flooring installer in Denver can install an epoxy concrete floor with a fast turnaround time and work on a tight timeline. This gets your facility ready to go quickly. Epoxy is also one of the most cost effective floors, with an average starting price as low as $3 per square foot. With a lower initial cost and minimal maintenance needs, you can expect this to be an affordable floor for your property when installing or replacing flooring your cannabis facility.
  • Clean and Antibacterial – Epoxy flooring makes it easier to meet the standards for cleanliness in a production facility. Once cured, epoxy is non porous, so there are no small crevices where dirt and bacteria can become trapped. Cleaning is a simple process of wiping surfaces down with standard cleaning supplies.
  • Chemically Resistant – Epoxy flooring can withstand many of the fertilizers and chemicals required in growing ops. The floor can also be precisely engineered to hold up against particular chemicals that you are using, preventing any damage in the event of spillage.
  • Slip Resistant – For the safety of employees, epoxy is naturally slip resistant. This is important in the event of spills and can help keep your facility up to any building codes.
  • Minimal Maintenance and Repairs – Because epoxy is rarely damaged by chemicals or staining and can stand up well to years of foot and machinery traffic, installing an epoxy floor or replacing your existing floor with epoxy will be a valuable investment in your property.
  • Appearance Options – Options for customizations to the appearance of epoxy flooring are nearly limitless. It is entirely possible to create concrete flooring that reflects your brand or product with choices that include vibrant colors or inserting your logo into the floor.

When it comes to cannabis flooring, there are a large number of requirements that vary from place to place. Epoxy is a great option for growing ops as long as it meets the requirements for your specific area and business.

If you are considering cannabis flooring options for production in Denver and want to learn more about epoxy flooring, contact Colorado Concrete Repair, the leading concrete flooring installer with a wide range of epoxy options, to learn more about what we can offer with epoxy flooring installation.