Case Study: DMV Patch Work

Our name is “Colorado Concrete Repair.” But most of the work we do is in what could arguably be called “new” flooring. We frequently are contacted to repair or replace an entire floor, so the word “repair” can occasionally be misleading.

But sometimes it isn’t, because we also do take on repairs. One such example happened recently with one of the Colorado DMVs. They had an issue where the floor was, quite literally, crumbling down in front of them. You could reach down and push the debris around with your fingers.

What made it worse was the damage was spreading, so the longer that they waited to address the issue the worse it would be.

So we got to work.

We started by cutting a barrier line where the floor was still solid enough to hold our patchwork. After we cut our line, we scraped the rest of the damaged area clean before applying the concrete patch.

As the concrete patch dries, we prepare the top coat with a matching colorant, so that the final design will still appear similar to the existing floor.

Once dry, we put down the top coat, smooth over the product to remove any imperfections, and then let it set and dry. Not only will the floor look better, but this will prevent the flooring from deteriorating any further – thus saving a considerable amount of money for the DMV, and thus our tax dollars.

This type of job is the pinnacle of repair, because not only does it fix flooring that has damage but it also solves a problem that could have become much, much worse.

See photos of the work below, or let us know if you need any commercial concrete flooring repair.