Case Study: Work for an Electric Company in Colorado

Colorado Concrete Repair was contacted by an electric company, whose home base needed some work. We could tell that there was a lot of untapped potential, but at the moment, there was a worn out floors that desperately needed some work.

Our team had to start with a thorough assessment and look at as engineers. We found that the edges were especially rough, though the entirely floor needed considerable work.

To address the needs of this electric company flooring, we brought out the concrete grinders, slapped on our tooling and got to work. It was quickly apparent how much grime, wear, and debris we were taking off the floor, which is why these before and after pictures of concrete grinding were so stark:

We believe in being careful and efficient, taking time to complete each step before moving onto the next and always double checking our work to make sure that you’re receiving the best possible end results. Throughout the polishing process, we made sure the joints were filled in and level with the rest of the floor (to help prevent any issues from finding their way into troubled areas). Then, after we were confident that our floor was buffed up and shining, we take the time to seal and complete the project.

Upon completion, we showed the electric company flooring. They were extremely happy with the quality of our work, and so we could confidently mark this project as done.

If you’re interested or in need of concrete grinding in the Denver, CO area, please contact Colorado Concrete Repair, today.