Color and Design Options for Commercial Epoxy Floors

Of the many benefits of epoxy coated concrete floors – durability, efficiency, affordability, and more – the range of appearance options that you can accomplish at your commercial or industrial property is a large part of what makes this flooring option so popular in the Denver area.

During the Denver epoxy flooring installation process, the installation team can mix colors, aggregates, and other additives into the epoxy resin. These additives cure along with the floor for a long lasting, highly aesthetic finish that will not chip or start to fade for the life of your floor.

Choosing Epoxy Floor Designs For Concrete Floors in Denver

During the planning process, your concrete contractor will work with you to design a floor that functionally meets your business needs. The other aspect of planning is determining the final appearance of your floor.

With the different capabilities of epoxy resin, you can choose colors that match your brand, create a beautiful space for customers, emphasize safety, and more. Some of the different epoxy floor designs include:

  • Solid Colors – As a resin, epoxy has the color injected into it. This produces vibrant and lasting color with the tone evenly spread throughout. Color choices available range from neutral browns and grays to bolder yellows, blues, reds, and greens with the potential to mix colors to achieve specific shades or saturations. You can also have sections of different color epoxy or incorporate design elements like stripes and shapes of contrasting colors into the flooring.
  • Texture – It is also possible to mix in texturing elements. These include chips, stone, metallics, and other aggregates, and can serve a range of purposes. They can bring more color to your flooring, introduce a three-dimensional texture, or enhance the anti slip capabilities of epoxy by creating more traction on the surface.
  • Branding – In addition to using colors that coordinate with your brand throughout the space, you can also embed logos in the epoxy to have your business name permanently displayed on the floor of your property.
  • Safety Elements – Different colors can create pathways, working zones, warning signs, and directional signage in your floor to improve the overall safety and efficiency of your facility.

Commercial properties in Denver and other local areas often combine several of these different elements to create personalized flooring that perfectly reflects their brand and professionalism.

With our comprehensive capabilities in concrete flooring and epoxy installation at Colorado Concrete Repair, we have a full range of colors, aggregates, and other options for your flooring. We also have a team of experienced engineers who are able to identify opportunities to create your perfect flooring. Contact Colorado Concrete Repair to start the planning process and discover how our array of options can create a floor that meets your every potential need.