Saving Money with an Anti-Slip Epoxy Floor

In many commercial facilities, a slip and fall accident is a serious risk. If your manufacturing plant, warehouse, garage, retail store, or other property has any chance of having any water or other liquids on the floor, you need to take precautions against slipping accidents.

Installing an anti slip floor treatment is the safest and most effective option for preventing accidents on your property. But commercial epoxy flooring will also provide significant cost savings for your business.

How Anti Slip Epoxy Floor Treatment Will Save Your Business Money

Epoxy is a resinous coating solution that goes over a concrete slab to create a durable and attractive floor. Although epoxy is already naturally slip resistant, it is possible to create additional slip resistance in epoxy with additives that provide greater traction after a liquid spill. This can be particularly useful if your industrial property frequently deals with spills or you have a high traffic area.

By using epoxy flooring in these areas, you are also able to take advantage of cost benefits such as:

  • Increased Productivity – With the improved traction of epoxy, your employees will feel more sure of their footing, enabling them to move more quickly and efficiently as they go about their jobs.
  • Less Downtime – An accident is going to result in at least some downtime and a loss of work as you handle any injuries and reports that result.
  • Less Risk of Workman’s Comp Claims – If an employee is hurt in a slip and fall accident and it is determined that you did not have adequate flooring in place, your business could be liable for any costs associated with the injury. The customizability of epoxy anti-slip flooring means that you can install a floor that specifically meets codes for your industry.
  • Customer Protection – Similar to workman’s comp, if your business ever has customers and they get hurt on your property due to a spill, you could be liable for medical costs.
  • Greater Durability – Epoxy is an extremely durable and low maintenance flooring option, and adding extra features to it can increase that durability. This means that, in addition to anti-slip flooring, you are also installing a commercial epoxy flooring that will be long lasting and need fewer repairs over its lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

The saved costs over the lifetime of an epoxy floor in your facility can offset the original expense. In addition, when you install an epoxy floor in Denver, Aurora, Commerce City, and other places in the area with Colorado Concrete Repair, we can help you achieve the right floor for your property at the best possible price with our epoxy flooring installation. This enables you to make the right to make a great investment in your commercial space.

Learn more about our epoxy flooring solutions and the benefit of commercial epoxy coating when you contact our team at Colorado Concrete Repair.