Types of Epoxy Flooring and Choosing the Right One for Your Facility

Epoxy coating is a commercial flooring option that uses the foundation of a concrete floor with a layer of durable and resistant epoxy. It is one of several resinous floor types, in addition to urethane flooring, but epoxy itself also has a variety of options.

The three main types of epoxy flooring are solids-based, water-based, and solvent-based. They offer different installation processes, costs, and benefits for concrete flooring that make it possible to select the right option for all properties.

Comparing the Different Epoxy Flooring Options

All epoxy coatings are going to provide approximately the same appearance. They cure into a smooth and completely solid surface that is attractive. You can also customize gloss levels, textures, and colors to match the needs and design preferences of your business.

The epoxy flooring options also represent some of the more cost effective floor solutions, regardless of which type you install, making it possible to achieve flooring at a reasonable cost. But the type of epoxy your contractor uses for the floor will help you further balance a reliable and stunning floor with a great cost with the following characteristics:

  • Solids-Based Epoxy Coatings – Solids-based epoxy is the basic form of epoxy which contains only the resin and hardener with no other ingredients. It creates a thick and very strong coating which makes it a great choice for any flooring that sees heavy traffic or equipment traffic. The main drawback to solids-based epoxy is that it can be more challenging to install because it has a short pot life. Once mixed, the contractor needs to be able to quickly apply it before it hardens. This is possible when you have an experienced team that will achieve a perfect result.
  • Water-Based Epoxy Flooring – Adding water to the epoxy mixture is one way to slow down the curing time of epoxy, making it more workable for a longer period, since the water takes longer to evaporate. The water-based floor is easier to install and looks good. Its primary limitation is that the water makes the floor less strong than other epoxy options. As a result, water-based epoxy is best suited to offices and other low traffic areas so it does not wear down too quickly.
  • Solvent-Based Epoxy Flooring – This is the most versatile type of epoxy. Chemical solvents in the epoxy mixture offer the same evaporative length as water and extend the pot life of epoxy during the installation process. But solvents maintain the hardness and durability of the epoxy unlike water. This type of epoxy can be used in a variety of locations. Like any chemical, however, care needs to be used during installation to avoid any health risks associated with the solvents.

With the different types of facility epoxy flooring available, as well as all of the other concrete flooring solutions, choosing the right options for your business can be involved.

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