How Epoxy Floors in Your Colorado Warehouse Can Save You Money

Epoxy flooring in commercial properties is a great option for so many reasons. It is one of the more affordable options to install upfront, often only costing a few dollars per square foot, depending on your customization options, which is ideal when you have an expansive warehouse to install flooring for.

An epoxy coating warehouse floor also looks great with options to customize coloring, texturing, gloss levels, and other elements while also providing a smooth, often seamless surface that will give your property a sleek and professional appearance or look. Epoxy coating is also a flooring option that continues to provide financial benefits throughout its lifetime, continuing to save you money over other flooring options for the long term.

What Makes Epoxy Floor Coatings a Cost Effective Solution?

Epoxy floors have several benefits that make them specifically suited to warehouses in Denver, whether these are storage warehouses, fulfillment warehouses, or any other property where you need a highly functional and reliable floor that still looks great.

In terms of cost benefits, epoxy coating in a warehouse will provide savings with:

  • Fewer Damages and Repairs – Epoxy coating is resistant to cracks, chips, and scratching. It can handle heavy machinery and regular traffic of all sorts without significant wear. It is chemically resistant to most substances. This keeps it attractive and functional for many years without needing a constant budget for repairs.
  • Less Cleaning – The cleaning process for epoxy is fast and simple. It requires only basic sweeping and mopping, and you can complete all cleaning with standard cleaning agents.
  • Increased Productivity – Epoxy floors are completely smooth and antislip, making them easy to move around on. An epoxy coated floor is also up to 300% brighter depending on your gloss level. This can keep workers more awake and moving faster to boost productivity.
  • Longer Equipment Lifetimes – Forklifts and other heavy machinery move easily over epoxy. This results in less wear and tear on equipment and less need to replace equipment over time.

These benefits are in addition to the long lifespan of epoxy, which means that you can go longer before having to resurface or reinstall floors in the future.

Epoxy flooring installation in warehouses in Denver is most cost effective when you use Colorado Concrete Repair as your warehouse epoxy flooring contractor. We have installed floors for many warehouse properties in Denver and are able to create customer floors that will continue to give you top results and save you money for many years. Learn more about our epoxy flooring services and start your project by requesting a quote today.