How Concrete Commercial Flooring Prevents Healthcare Associated Infections

Healthcare associated infections (HIAs) are a major concern in facilities like hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics, and senior care facilities. Because these locations often deal with contagious diseases, there can be a significant number of germs present, putting already high risk people in greater danger and compounding health problems.

The CDC estimates that approximately 3% of hospital patients contract an HIA per day. These infections often come from contact with contaminated surfaces. Enhanced cleaning is the leading way to prevent HIAs and, as a floor often represents the largest surface in health care facilities, installing an antimicrobial concrete floor can help mitigate infections and make thorough cleaning easier.

What Makes Concrete Floors Antimicrobial

There are two leading concrete flooring options for facilities that require medical clinic flooring. Polished concrete is one option that uses fine diamond grit sandpaper to achieve a smooth surface and epoxy coating is another option that relies on a resinous epoxy layer applied over a concrete flooring base.

Both solutions are durable, attractive, anti-slip, and affordable in addition to being anti-microbial due to the following properties:

  • Non Porous – Polished concrete and epoxy floors are non porous. They remain smooth on the surface even at the microscopic level without any tiny holes where germs can become trapped. This makes all cleaning surface level and neutralizing bacteria can be done with standard cleaning tools.
  • Seamless – Concrete flooring can be applied over a large surface area without any seams or joints such as you would find with tile or other flooring options. These seams are an easy place for dirt and bacteria to become trapped and can require intensive cleaning to free the dirt and disinfect.
  • Easy Repairs – Damage to flooring often leaves cracks, ridges, holes, and other imperfections that trap dirt, as well as being a tripping hazard. When concrete becomes damaged, it is easy and cost effective to repair with a variety of different repair solutions. This means that damage never has to go unaddressed.

The CDC recommends these characteristics for surfaces in healthcare facilities, making concrete commercial flooring a reliable option for medical clinic flooring in Denver.

It is still necessary to implement an in depth cleaning routine, but the concrete flooring makes the process of cleaning significantly easier and the results more reliable at your facility.

For health care facilities in the Denver area considering concrete floors or epoxy flooring for their facility, Colorado Concrete Repair is a local commercial flooring installer. We work specifically with concrete, epoxy, and other dependable and hygienic flooring options, customizing every installation to our clients’ specifications. Contact us to learn more about solutions for medical clinic flooring and get a quote.