Planning Drainage with Commercial Concrete Floors

Epoxy coated floors or commercial concrete floors are ideal in commercial facilities where moisture is a concern. They both stand up well to liquid elements, remain relatively slip resistant even when wet, and are easy to clean after any liquids or other substances have gotten onto them.

But there are certain commercial settings where you may regularly have several inches of water from operations or cleaning that you need to drain away. Taking into account drainage needs when planning your commercial flooring installation makes it easy to optimize drainage to make sure that your floors are protected.

Considerations When Planning for Concrete Floor Drainage

In commercial facilities, epoxy and concrete are resilient substances. But when water or other liquids sit on them for a long period of time, they can start to wear away the flooring. This is why it is recommended that you wipe up any spills as soon as possible on epoxy and promote good drying conditions and speed evaporation in properties with concrete floors.

But if you will frequently have larger amounts of water or spillage, floor drains in commercial concrete floors can be essential to help remove water from floors as quickly as possible. In order to plan for drainage, it is beneficial to take all of the following into account in order to reverse engineer the right floor:

  • Drain Size – Commercial drains need enough capacity to handle expected fluid volume, as well as account for debris that will often be caught in drainage in properties like auto shops and healthcare facilities that may cause clogging in a drain that is too small.
  • Drain Placement – During the planning of concrete floors, your contractor will need to plan the placement of frames in order to layout the concrete pouring correctly.
  • Grading – Concrete or epoxy floors should subtly slope downwards to direct water to the drain. This slope should be preplanned and executed during the installation process.

The proper incorporation of a drainage solution in properties like auto shops, processing plants, commercial kitchens, medical facilities, and similar locations will significantly limit the amount of water you have on your floor and the length of contact to reduce the risk that you experience moisture related problems throughout the lifetime of your floors.

For commercial flooring solutions in Denver at any of these property types and more, Colorado Concrete Repair custom engineers concrete and epoxy flooring for our clients. We can incorporate specific needs into our planning process and provide a high quality installation that accounts for drainage and any other specifications you may have. Contact us today to discuss installing commercial concrete flooring at your business.