How Long Does a Polished Concrete Floor Last in Commercial Properties?

When a long lasting and durable material is needed in construction, concrete is already one of the top options. It is hard enough to resist damage from impacts, stands up well to different elements, and naturally survives for years without deterioration. The primary way that concrete becomes damaged is when dirt and moisture collect in the porous surface and start to erode it from the inside.

Polished concrete replacement flooring hones the surface of traditional concrete to remove all of the gaps and holes, creating a perfectly smooth and non-porous that is both attractive and resilient. By eliminating this weakness in concrete, polished concrete floors can provide you with a commercial flooring option that will last for many years.

Extending the Lifespan of Concrete with Polishing

Polishing concrete replacement refines concrete into a surface that is even more durable, but it requires the correct process to ensure that they last for as many years as possible. This includes:

  • Preparing the Surface – The amount of work necessary here depends on the existing concrete base. If it was freshly poured, almost no work is required. On a pre-existing concrete slab, any problem areas will need to be repaired to prepare for polishing.
  • Grinding – Using high grades of diamond grit sanding, the installer hones the concrete to a flat and non porous surface. The amount of grinding depends on how glossy the final surface should be. A matte polished concrete surface will still be highly resistant to damage, while a glossy surface can provide high sheen as well.
  • Hardening the Concrete – A chemical hardener provides another layer of durability and protection to the polished concrete floor. The contractor will apply this and give it time to harden.
  • Second Polishing – A second polishing goes over the concrete once more to complete the process, leaving the concrete slab perfectly smooth and polished to the correct gloss level.

With a carefully planned installation process using these steps, polished concrete commercial flooring will be set up to last for around 20 years. This does require correct maintenance to keep harmful or staining debris away from your floor and encourage a long lasting surface, but maintenance on concrete floors is generally straightforward and fast.

The team at Colorado concrete repair can help you decide if a polished concrete replacement floor is the right solution for your commercial property. Regardless of whether you choose polished concrete or another concrete solution, we can install flooring that will provide a long lasting, beautiful option for commercial flooring with a professional installation that will help you get the most out of your floor. Reach out to Colorado Concrete Repair to learn more about the options we have available.